Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Smiles All Around!

So...I am pregnant! 

Unexpected for sure, but Daniel and I are excited about it. It means definite changes in our lives, but I think we are ready and capable. I decided to create this blog to chronicle our journey.

Today was my first doctor's appointment!

My doctor is amazing. He is understanding, kind, gentle and really everything I imagined. I am so grateful. This whole thing really freaks me out and he is making me feel a lot better about it.

I had been spotting earlier and he checked me to make sure I was ok. After the exam he said he wasn't worried about it. He reassured me and told me that we would do an ultrasound to double check.

I let him know how nauseous I have been, which is...a lot. So much puke, ya'll. He smiled and told me that it was a good thing. Nausea generally means the baby is growing and doing well. I will take all the nausea then!

We talked about en epidural, and how I don't want one & how I am worried I couldn't get one if I did because of my spinal cord damage. He told me that was a conversation to have with my anesthesiologist and we had a bit to think over the whole not-wanting-an-epidural thing.

When he did the ultrasound...well.... I thought that when he said we would do an ultrasound, that it would be a stomach one..NOPE! It was a wand one. While I was a little bummed because Daniel and his mom were waiting in the doctors office, but I was not letting ANYONE in that room with a wand up my baby maker. Next time ya'll.

Funny Story: The wands usually have a cover that is latex, but since I am allergic to most forms of latex, they didn't want to use the cover and they didn't have latex free covers. So they used the fingers of one of the latex free glove and put it over the wand. When he was erm...scoping...me out, I saw two embryo's and I was like..."WHAT IS THAT?" and

He said:"Well, that is baby #1, and that is baby #2"

I wondered if because of the glove on top of the wand it was creating a mirrored image. I told them to just use the other cover and check it out! NOW! After they switched covers it was just the mirroring. Only one baby. But man oh man...my heart went into my butt there for a minute.

Speaking of hearts...I got to see the baby's heartbeat! It was so strong and fast! It is still too early to hear it but I can't wait till then.

All About The Baby: The baby is where it is supposed to be so no chance of an ectopic pregnancy. Well that's one fear DOWN. I do have a small cyst on one of my ovaries, but that it's totally normal. He told me to monitor my nausea and if it gets worse, to call him and he will give me medication for it. He also told me to take it extremely easy until I get into my second trimester to avoid any more bleeding incidents. The second trimester is about a month or so away and I plan to do exactly that.

My next appointment is October 27 @ 9:30 am. I will be able to see AND hear the heartbeat and I will be able to get an EXACT due date then


pregnancy, ultrasounds,
My quite literal sea monkey! HA! 

P.S. Thanks God...for listening today. 

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