Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Turkey in the Oven

It was just my mom, my dad and I at my appointment today. But that's okay because I really wanted to share a day with my dad. He is out of town a lot for work so it's nice for him to be a part of this process. 

I didn't get to have an ultrasound today, but I did get to hear the baby's heartbeat. That's a sound I will never ever get sick of hearing. Everyone says how strong the heartbeat is and it just makes me feel proud for some reason.

Everything looked fine with my blood work that involves the baby/developing hormone levels etc. The only "bad thing" was that he said I had Ketones in my blood. That means that because I have been sick so much (morning sickness that has turned into ALL DAY sickness) my body is starting to feed off muscles to get nourishment. He took me off Zolfran (which I think only made me get more sick) and put me on Phenergan. It's a much more powerful medication, but it was also make me loopy/tired. I have to pick my battles, and I'd rather be tired than be under-nourished. His advice was try to eat more, so that way even if I throw half of it up, there is still something for my body to feed off of. Hopefully the Phenergan works and everything gets better! With Thanksgiving coming up I am sure I will be eating well! 

I got to ask a lot of questions that had been concerning me, and I finally remembered to write them all down so I didn't forget them. I left feeling SO MUCH BETTER about this pregnancy. The relief I felt when he said he wasn't worried about me miscarrying was great. He said everything looks great, and that I am progressing as I should be, and that the baby looks fine! I just feel better.  

AND probably one of the most exciting pieces of news: He said we could possibly find out the gender by next appointment!! I was expecting some time in January to find out the gender! Even the possibility of finding it out makes me giddy! I get to know if it's a girl or a boy, and then this blog's title will change because I can finally start calling the baby by his/her name!

Most importantly that appointment is also my genetic testing day, so hopefully everything turns up good there. I have faith it will though.

Everything seems to be turning for the better, and I am extremely grateful (as one should be around Thanksgiving). 

Speaking of Thanksgiving...

Because my family is so HUGE. We aren't celebrating Thanksgiving on ACTUAL Thanksgiving. We are renting out a building on Saturday and the ENTIRE family is going to be there. (Minus 1 Aunt & 3 Cousins) It's going to be amazing and full of amazing food and family! I am so excited to see everyone.

I don't think we are doing anything fantastic on Thursday (the actual day of Thanksgiving). I think we are just going to go out and eat and then watch football. Which sounds like a good plan to me. 

All in all, the list of things and people I have to be grateful for are piling up. 

Thanks to everyone who is making my life special right now. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

Eat lots of Turkey!!!

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