Friday, December 30, 2011

A Suprising Bump

The other day I woke up with...

pregnancy, baby bump,


I now feel more pregnant and less fat. HOORAY.

It's not big really and I mayyy be pushing it out...a little. BUT IT IS TOTALLY THERE.

Daniel and I were in the bathroom getting ready and we both looked in the mirror and said "That was NOT there yesterday!!" It's not just in my head! 

On Sunday I enter the beginning of my fifth month at 18 weeks. It is CRAZY how FAST this is going.

Daniel and I talk to Gracie every night, or at least I do, Daniel just rubs my stomach. He always says hello/goodbye. He's going to be such a good dad.

While getting to see her is beautiful and special, I most look forward to seeing/hearing her heartbeat. 

Partly because I am paranoid and as soon as I see she is doing well, I can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the pregnancy for awhile...before I become paranoid again! 

But also because it's her HEART!! I can't explain it, but it was the first connection we had with her to let us know she was safe and sound. From the first ultrasound to now it's the first thing I listen/look for. 

I am so blessed, life is great! 


  1. "Growing Gracie"... I love the name of your blog! Terrific and can carry on throughout her childhood <3

  2. And you look darn cute in the maternity pants!


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