Friday, December 30, 2011

Fa La La La La

For conversation sake--let's pretend the date is December 25th, not December 29th. It makes me look like a LOT less of a slacker. With that in mind...


The best picture ever, obviously. Our first Christmas together!

We headed down to Huntington to spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning with my family which was just great. I loved spending time with everyone and just being lazy together :)

Then we were off to Daniel's for Christmas. They were so nice and waited for us to get there before opening presents. I love being a Rice!!! 

I got to see a picture of Daniel's uncle (DiAnna's brother) David who looks ALMOST EXACTLY like Daniel. The only difference is the nose, everything else is identical. It's freaky. One day I will get a picture and post it side by side with one of Daniel. You will see. You will be freaked out. 

We ping-ponged around for the rest of the day seeing all of the family. At the end of the day we were exhausted but so happy and full of love. 

It's fun to think that next year we will be plus one cutie pie! 


I need to talk about my mother-in-law for a moment.

Way before Christmas was here, DiAnna said "We have to add you to the fireplace!" 

I officially have a place on the mantel. :)
DiAnna has done a lot to make me feel like part of the family and I appreciate that. She has listened to her fair share of drama through tears. She has helped Daniel and I through this time in our lives with patience, understanding and whole lot of love.

She never for one minute made me feel like a burden. Dan and she just opened their arms and took me in and made me part of their family.

They're great and I am excited to be forever in their family. I will forever be grateful for the day I became a Rice. 

Hoping you all had many blessings and love in your house this Christmas!

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