Monday, December 19, 2011


She's a girl!

Now that we know she is a she we can name her!

Daniel and I have disagreed about what to name her. (If it was a boy, we at least agreed on THAT name.) I love Addison Grace, he loves Grace Elizabeth. Grace Elizabeth was the first name I loved, one that I came up with in my grandma's kitchen.

I was determined to change Daniel's mind. (He does NOT like Addison because he doesn't like the nickname Addie. That's a pretty stupid reason if you ask me...)

I was thinking I had five months to convince Daniel that Addison was the BEST name. He had five to convince me that Grace was the BEST option. 

Then the other day we were looking through a baby name book and for some reason I just let go of Addison. 

I went back to Grace and thought:
"Yup, that's who this baby is."

Daniel and I BOTH like the name. The problem was NEVER that I didn't like Grace Elizabeth, just that I liked Addison Grace too. Now we are together on a name for our baby girl, and it's beautiful.

The translation of her name is Graceful; God is my oath. Pretty perfect right? 

Plus, the Elizabeth is after Elizabeth Taylor. How more perfect can ya get? 

This is all to say: Grace (Gracie) Elizabeth Rice is on her way!! 


  1. So exciting! I love the name by the way! It's so classy and cute.


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