Friday, December 30, 2011

We do!

marriage, winter wedding, wedding

We got married!!!!

Daniel asked me to marry him at the beginning of December, and of course, I said yes! I love the guy after all!

(We must have just got that song wrong: "first comes love"...we had that..."THEN comes marriage" and THEN a baby. Man, what a part of the song to mess up eh?)

Now for the date, we wanted to do it soon.

1. Because Daniel's grandparents were going to be leaving for Uruguay on the 26th and he wanted them to be there.

2. I didn't want to be HUGE.

3. We had to pick a date that worked for my dad to be able to get off work. 

That ended up being the 23rd of December.

That gave RATHER short notice to EVERYONE. (sorry)

If you weren't "invited" don't be upset! We didn't even have a place until a week before! It was (beautifully) thrown together pretty fast. 

We will have an open house soon that everyone will get invites to and we will make sure you have enough notice to come, I promise. 

I wanted to just go to a courthouse and get hitched; cause I'm romantic like that.
(In actuality it's because I am a VERY private person and the idea of a room full of people watching me kiss Daniel is embarrassing to me...)

Daniel wasn't okay with that. He wanted at least his grandparents there.

Then we decided on grandparents and immediate family only.

Well, while that may not seem like a lot but that adds up to 21 people. A good portion of Daniel's grandparents are still with us so it added up really quickly.

Then it kinda got expanded to 75 people.

Then I got a fancy dress...

Then Daniel got a fancy tux... 

Then we got a nice location (courtesy of Ed Collins being awesome)

Then with the mind-blowing craftiness and creativity of one Kaye Collins and one DiAnna Rice,
a wedding was put together. In less than 2 weeks. 

It was BEAUTIFUL and perfect.

wedding, winter wedding, modest wedding dress,
How gorgeous is this fireplace? Just...gorgeous. 

wedding dress, white wedding dress, poofy wedding dress, modest wedding dress, winter weddings,

wedding, marriage, winter wedding, poofy dress, modest wedding dress,
I couldn't get the ring on over his knuckles!

marriage, winter wedding, modest wedding dress, first kiss,
We're Married :) 

cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, jana tolman, wedding cake,
Amazingly delicious cupcakes by Jana Tolman from Life Could Be A Dream 

Daniel and I don't like cake which is why we didn't get the traditional cake... but we loved these cupcakes!

marriage, kisses, first kiss, wedding, wedding cupcakes,
Cupcake kisses

So unbelievably happy!
wedding, modest wedding dress, father daughter dance,
Dancing with my step-dad!
marriage, son and mother dance, wedding, wedding dance,
How cute is this? Daniel and his momma!
Our Parents 

wedding, wedding pictures, winter wedding, modest wedding dress
I am a RICE now

Okay...I love him a lot. :) 
I loved every second of it.

*On the serious: thank you so much to Kaye and DiAnna for making this beautiful wedding for Daniel and me. We appreciate it and can never thank you enough! 

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  1. It was a beautiful wedding- because two people are adorably in love. Congratulations!


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