Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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Yesterday I had my twenty week appointment, which meant a twenty minute ultrasound with the baby.

This was an exciting ultrasound for us because we'd finally be able to see all of the baby, we'd be able to be sure she was a girl, and we'd be able to make sure she was developing as she should.

She is developing as she should and is beautiful. 

So she is growing, growing, growing! 

The ultrasound put my due date at May 27th, 2012. Which is about a week earlier than my original due date.

Interesting tidbit: My own original due date was the 26th of May.

The Doctor said not to change the due date because some babies are bigger or smaller than others at full term, so changing the due date isn't necessary. The due date we got when I was 8 weeks pregnant is accurate within three days.

Her heart is beating strong as always! It was awesome to see her little heart beating. All four chambers going perfectly. Her little heart is my favorite part :)

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Cool things we saw in the ultrasound:
* She kept opening and closing her mouth and it was AWESOME. Little yawns and cute little movements.
*Her fingers are long like Daniel's.
*She has a big head like me.
*Her heart is pumping like it should and all four chambers look great.
*Her little brain is great.
*Her spine is perfect.
*Basically, she is great & perfect.

SHE IS SO CUTE, and I am so excited for her to be here.


  1. Ultrasounds have improved since Reed was born! Cool to see all those pics! Keep growing' Gracie!


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