Wednesday, February 8, 2012

News...BIG News.

FIRST, the baby: 

We had the 24 week appointment on Monday and because Daniel couldn't make it I was going solo for the first time! Look at me and my big girl pants. 

This appointment was the dreaded glucose test. It wasn't gross really. It tasted like a flat Fanta, but it sure did burn going down. 

Something happened with my test and I have to have a big meal before my next appointment and retest.

I still have low-iron. Dang it! I have to up my iron intake again. Joy. 

I also got to see her for a MILASECOND at my appointment because the doctor wanted to check my placenta placement [if you remember I had a placental attachment bleeding at the beginning] and it was great! It was high and firmly attached to the uterine wall! Which is good! 

Now, onto the BIG NEWS:

Daniel is joining the Air Force!

He's wanted to do it for a long time and now that I am finally on board with it he's going for it.I appreciate just how much he's considering my opinion in this. I think it is so important to make BIG life decisions like this together. 

He initially wanted to do Spec Ops, and I was NOT okay with that. I literally had a massive meltdown...TWICE. 

Crying. Sobbing. Can't breathe. Broke. DOWN.

Daniel decided that Spec Ops was not the best idea for us and our expanding family or my mental health. Which then made me feel SO MUCH better about the Air Force in general. 

He will be unofficially sworn into the United States Air Force next week. 

He will go to 8 1/2 weeks of basic training. Then however long for technical training.

I DEFINITELY can't go with him to basic and if technical isn't longer than 6 months I can't go with him then either. Which sucks because that's a long time to be without Daniel especially with Gracie here.

He won't be shipping out to basic until July.Which is a blessing because he will at least be here for her birth.

After technical we will move wherever he is stationed and officially embark on a military family lifestyle.

It's a big adventure coming up and I am scared but I am excited too. 

Daniel and I are still newlyweds, then we will have Gracie, then we will be separated for months, then moved to a different'll be tough, but I know we will make it through it.

We are doing what's best for our family and I am excited and happy for the future.

Wish us luck!!!

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  1. I'm *very* happy everything is going smooth with your pregnancy! The joys are just beginning for you...

    The military news stunned me, though! What does this mean for your future career plans? I was enlisted in the Air Force, and that job list? Pretty much bunk. Less than one percent actually get a job on their list. I wanted Air Traffic Controlling and ended up in Intelligence. It's impossible to know what you're getting into. Recruiters will promise *anything* and make you believe it. And he won't even get his permanent duty station assignment until near the end of tech school, and it could be anywhere in the world. Life on base is a whole different world. I totally sound like an asshole now, and who knows, maybe you'll be stationed somewhere cool! Wishing you guys the very best.


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