Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Weighty Breakdown

We have entered the third trimester! YAHOO.

We also had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It sounds stupid but when we started talking to the doctor, he remembered her full name and it made me smile. I like knowing the doctor remembers her.

Her heartbeat is so great and beautiful it's still my favorite sound in the whole world. 

I had a bit of a breakdown at my appointment. 

Let's just say, I was less than pleased about my weight gain and as soon as the nurse left the room, I started bawling. I didn't understand how I gained so much weight. I can still fit in my pre-pregnancy pants!! I just really didn't and don't get it. 

The doctor walked in and was like:
"Oh no! What's wrong? Why the tears!?"

He made me feel SO much better and assured me he isn't worried about my weight gain.

My doctor is seriously the BEST doctor. He answered ALL my questions and wasn't annoyed. He was just great. 

My spine is damaged at L4-L5 & L5-S1. That's the lower part of your back, coincedentally where a lot of pressure from pregnancy goes. So, I am in a lot of back pain. It's nothing I can't deal with and Daniel is GREAT at back massages, so it's been manageable. We asked the doctor about it anyway, and he recommended a maternity band to take some of the pressure off the ligaments. We will have to go look for one of those. 

My skin has been SUPER sore lately, so we asked the doctor about it, and he asks [right of the bat] "Well you had some thyroid troubles in the past right?" [For those who don't know I had a tumor removal and a partial thyroidectomy in 2008] We are re-testing my thyroid levels, which could be leading to my sore skin AND my weight gain. Hooray?

Iron is still low. More iron supplements for me. It's getting ridiculous ya'll. 

But the most important thing is, Grace is doing FANTASTIC. She is just a growing, happy, active, HEALTHY baby girl.

"Count your many blessings name them one by one..."

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