Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost Time!

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A random picture we took the other night. We try to be artsy around here. 

We had our 34 week doctor appointment today :) 
She is measuring two weeks ahead, but that doesn't mean anything. Baby girl is gonna come when she is ready. Her head is DEFINITELY down, took him two seconds and was like "OH yeah, she's right there. Easy find." Her beautiful heart is great, as always :) 


Next up is my first baby shower! My sister Chantel is throwing one down in Huntington this Saturday and I am so grateful to her!!  She's putting a lot of effort into planning this to make sure it's perfect and I love her for putting so much thought into it!

Today is also what I like to call:

"Yay!! We got married FOUR MONTHS ago!!"day 

I love my husband :) 
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