Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Daniel got the job he wanted in the Air Force!!!

There were two spots open and Daniel got one. I am one VERY proud wife. His recruiter was shocked! But Daniel, being Daniel, wasn't shocked at all. He had a feeling he got it. 

Now, I don't know exactly what that job means...I do know that for two years we will be in 


How EXCITING is that?

We are very excited, I can't wait to be in our own home with just our little family.


  1. Can't lie. I am a little jealous at the moment.when Allen was in the army we were slotted to go to monteray. But things change. You are going to love it there. The sun, the are a lucky girl.

  2. I am jealous too, but because I lived in the Monterey peninsula for 13 years!!!! Yes, they would love the place and if they visit Pacific Grove they will love the monarch butterflies, the deer, Asilomar beach, and so much more! The Defense Language Institute in Monterey is near Carmel, Pacific Grove and Big Sur! Santa Cruz only 45 min away...see...see how jealous I am? I guess I just have to help with the moving van!
    Congratulation on the BIG news!


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