Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dilation Disappointment

38 week appointment today...

I was sooooo hoping I was dilated even just a little...


The original plan was to induce next Tuesday but because he now needs to check my cervix before induction, we have to push the induction to Wednesday. Mainly because Memorial Day is that Monday and the office will be closed so he wouldn't be able to check me (as we originally thought he would). Now she will definitely NOT be coming on the 29th now and at the earliest induction would be the 30th.

He said that if on Tuesday (the 29th) if there is still no cervical change at 39+2 that we really need to make a decision on whether we want to induce at ALL. He'd have to soften my cervix first then start Pitocin. That can lead to a VERY long labor and a possible c-section.

I chose this doctor partly because he has a low c-section rate because I REALLY DO NOT WANT A C-SECTION (unless it is the LAST possible resort).

I left the office SOBBING. Poor Daniel...

We've been looking forward to having her next Tuesday and that hope pretty much got shot in the butt.

I feel horrible because I feel like I'm being resentful towards my sweet baby girl for not coming yet or at least making progress to come.

I feel even more horrible because we also got to hear her heartbeat and we know she's still healthy and growing...and that should be all that matters. 



  1. Well, I think you're badass and can do anything you set your mind to - including this unbearable wait for your little one! Progress can be made at the drop of a hat, so try not to get *too* down. Hang in there, bliss is coming! :D

  2. She'll be here soon! At least you know she's healthy and still growing good. Sorry to hear your plans aren't going as hoped though :( but hang in there you'll have your little one soon! :) <3


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