Saturday, May 26, 2012

False Alarms and People in Bug Suits

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Contractions suck guys.
This was me and Gracie on Thursday night.

I had been having strong contractions since about 5pm. They were 10 minutes apart and in an instant went to five minutes. They stayed there for about an hour, and then went to 4.5 minutes apart. I waited for Daniel to come home and we headed in.

I was dilated to a 1, and 50% effaced at 10pm. The nurse said she'd come back in an hour to check if I was dilated any more, and if I was, they'd admit me. 

She came back in an hour, and I wasn't. I told her we lived about an hour away, and if it'd be okay if we walked around for a minute to see if that would help. ( I did NOT want to go ALL the way home, just to have to come back.) 

We walked for an hour, came back, had her check me. Still a one and even though my contractions were getting closer together and stronger we were sent home. 

SOME good news is that this means my cervix HAS changed. Which means I can be induced on Wednesday. Silver lining?

They gave me an ambien to help me sleep through the contractions. However, I do NOT like taking medication of MOST forms, especially ones that can be hallucinatory. Daniel begged me to thinking me conked out would get him some solid sleep. 


I have pregnancy rash which really sucks because it just spreads and gets worse and the ONLY THING that helps it is if I gave birth.It won't go away until then. IT ITCHES SO BADLY I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT.

With that background information...


Apparently (I say apparently, because I don't remember this and Daniel told me ALLL about it the next day...)  I woke up about an hour after taking the ambien. I was scratching myself really badly, that I was bleeding on my hips and on my ankle. (Which explains the scabs I have there now...)
Daniel was telling me not to scratch but I kept telling him "I have to get the people out!!" These people were apparently in black bug suits.

I kept asking for my nurse. I kept asking where the baby was, and how she was, and I didn't believe him that she was okay, even when Daniel put my hands on my stomach. At one point I didn't believe Daniel was Daniel and started whispering "You're not Daniel. I have to get Daniel. Gotta find Daniel. Where's Daniel?" 

It freaked Daniel out enough to call my doctor and ask if I needed to go to the ER, which is saying something because Daniel doesn't call the doctor...ever. 

The whole story is seriously hilarious and somewhat creepy; ask Daniel to tell it to you sometime. 

This is similar to when I took one MucinexDM and thought I couldn't touch my mouth and that Daniel's best friend's ex-girlfriend was going to take our baby. 


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