Monday, August 6, 2012

One Month, Two Months, Two and a Half Months...

I basically fail at blogging as of late.

Who knew that being a mommy would be so time consuming? (ha.ha.)

If I am not cleaning Gracie, I am feeding her. If I am not feeding her, I am changing her. If I am not changing her I am putting her to sleep. If I am not putting her to sleep, I am going to sleep. 
End cycle. Repeat.


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Gracie is now 10 weeks old!!

At the last weigh in she weighed 11 pounds 10 ounces and 22 3/4 inches long. 

She is growing by the day!! Which makes me feel better about how much she pukes sometimes. 

She's had two ear infections (at the SAME time :( ) and thrush. Along with a stomach bug. Funny thing is, we wouldn't have known about the ear infections at ALL because she is always a happy baby and wasn't unusually fussy. I caught the thrush really early so it wasn't causing any pain. Which made me feel like a cool mom, to be honest. The stomach bug went away but unfortunately came back today when Daniel got sick and got us sick too. But she seems to be doing better right now. 

Her sleep jerks have almost completely stopped, though every now and again they will start up. Her arms were jerking today and I woke her up even though I knew she needed sleep. I hate seeing her twitch like that. 
She does NOT like the dark. 
She is now in size 1 diapers, but she is going to be in size 2 pretty soon!
She LOVES baths. She loves to swim and kick her legs. Grandpa always has her "swim". He puts her on her stomach and she just kicks and kicks and laughs and laughs. Then she CRIES when we take her out. So we've gotten into the habit of giving her a bath every night so she can play. We are probably going to take her swimming sometime this week. Or at least get a baby pool. She will LOVE it. 
She rolls to her side almost all the time. Now if we could get her to roll the REST of the way...(she has done it twice but won't do it since.)
She can stand up with a little assistance from us. We hold her hands and up she stands. 
She also does sit ups every now and again. 
She's VERY strong and everyone who plays with her says so. baby girl, newborn, baby, baby toys,

baby, baby girl. blessing,
om nom nom nom
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She laughs on her own now and is CONSTANTLY smiling.

She sleeps through the night most of the time and she wakes up at 5:30/6 am. She will eat andbe awake for a little bit and then right back to sleep with mommy she goes. 

She sleeps in her bed for MOST of the night before she comes into ours.

co-sleeping, baby, newborn, baby girl.

Which surprises me how much I like to sleep with her in our bed. I am not scared I am going to suffocate her anymore, which is good. But I am looking forward to her not sleeping in our bed anymore. 

I am still trying to figure out how to get ready with a baby on my own. THANK THE LORD FOR A BOUNCER. That's the only way I can get ready! I still haven't figured out taking a shower quite yet. But I will get there. 

I am so thankful for Dan and DiAnna who are ALWAYS there to help and who love Grace SO much. 
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They are always there for me and Daniel to talk to. They are great examples for us and they are always willing to answer any question and are really helping Daniel and I put our family on the right track. 

Daniel leaves for BMT in San Antonio Texas next Tuesday after he swears in at 9 am. That will be the last time I see him until his Graduation in October. 

I miss him already and I am trying to keep myself together till he leaves.But it's hard because I am starting realize how much I rely on him. He truly is my best friend and he's the only one I really talk to. I am going to be losing that for two + months. It's a sacrifice for our family and if Daniel can do it, so can I. It's really not that bad! 

I just need to keep telling myself that.

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  1. Yay! I've been dying for an update forever! Although I totally understand being on a blogging hiatus--little ones are just a little time consuming. :) So glad she's growing so healthy, strong, and adorable!


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