Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 Months Have Come and Gone

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This huge human is now 4 months old! 

The 28th was her 4 month appointment and like usual she took her shots like a champ. As an added bonus her doctor said she's advanced for her age--so it's NOT just in my very biased brain. 

She weighs 13 lbs 12 oz, and she is 24 1/2 inches long. Her head is 17 1/2 inches around! Little miss has a big noggin' just like her momma!!

What Gracie is up to at 4 months:
(some of these things she has been doing for awhile, I am just adding them to the list because I fail at blogging)

She can sit up for various periods of time by herself
She can stand for like..2 seconds on her own
She has discovered her feet, legs and hands 
Rolled over from back to stomach
Rolled over from stomach to back
"Talks" all the time
Self soothes
She blows bubbles
Plays in her exersaucer by herself for an hour +
Falls asleep on her own
Sleeps through the night sporadically
Stands really well for extended periods of time
If sitting on the ground, she can stand up on her own if you hold her fingers. 
She can eat/swallow rice cereal :)
She can hold her own bottle 
She can take her own binky out and put it back in
She grasps things really well (including hair)
She plays with her toys
She can grab her toes, but never both at once. We are working on that. (RE--SEE EDIT)
She recognizes mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa
She moves her arms to a beat. It's really rather awesome
She LOVES music. Particularly Disney music
She recognizes her bottle
She laughs out loud
She smiles all the time of her own volition 
She "swims" in the bathtub
She LOVES water. Whenever she is mad we can put on water and she is calm!!
She will push her legs out when you put her "superman" in the air

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She sleeps with ^^ that bunny. 
She likes to sleep holding things.
Her sleep jerks have completely stopped 

Now the not so good things to add to her list:
She has had four ear infections that is going to result in her getting tubes on Thursday.

She has to drink apple juice 2 oz a day to help her digest her food.

The most important thing though?

She is a happy, healthy, beautiful, very LOVED baby girl :)

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She found her feet: 

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  1. That Grace sure is a cutie! It's so fun to hear about how she is growing and read about all of her quirks! Sorry about the tubes though. No fun! Hopefully it will fix the problem!


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