Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Have {first world} Struggle

Don't get me wrong: I kind of knew what I was setting myself up for when Daniel signed that military contract. I knew that it would be hard and frustrating. I knew that there would be tears. 

I didn't think it would start so soon. 

There has been a housing...struggle...

When Daniel first went to BMT we thought I'd be living with him sometime next year because there is a 5 month rule on families moving out. 

Then we found out that I could live with him sooner than that, possibly by December! (yay!)

Shortly before Daniel went to Monterey we found out that I could move out after 30 days. (double yay!)

We had to suddenly come up with money to move us out quickly, get a house, get things for the house and figure everything out based on 30 days from the day Daniel arrived in Monterey. 

We had a plan. I love plans.

Then we found out that his 30 days don't start till his ATP starts. His ATP either starts this friday or next friday. That throws ALL of the plans off, and could put us in December till we are together. I hate the wrench of uncertainty. 

Now I have to go to Monterey early to keep the house. This means I will be in Monterey on my own for two weeks. Daniel will be able to visit us on the weekends but that's it. 

I will also have to move out before ANY of our stuff because we worked it out that we'd be able to move out our stuff on the 21st. However, because I have to move out to sign the lease between the 8th-12th that means I have to go out without any of our things.

Not my ideal situation, especially with Gracie.

BUT, we make due. 

Because we are a family, and that's what families do. 

Though this is really gonna suck, this is the life we signed up for. 

What's two weeks by myself with a baby in a strange house and in a strange neighborhood , right? 

I think I am just bummed out because when we ARE finally alone, together as a family, we will have been apart almost half of our marriage. Daniel will have also been apart from Gracie for more than half of her life. But Daniel made a point to me the other night: 5 months is going to seem like a blip when we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. Grace isn't going to remember him being gone and she has a lot of life to live that he will be there for. 

Plus, now that we can call/text/talk on a daily basis, it's easier on everyone. It's DEFINITELY not as bad as BMT. I'm grateful for that. 

I am grateful for the amazing husband who sacrifices his time with me, and his time with his daughter to serve our country, and to provide for his family. 

I am so insanely grateful for the gift I have been given. The gift to learn patience, because the Lord knows I don't possess an ounce of it. The gift of a loving, providing, Priesthood holding Husband. The gift of a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl. 

I need to focus on what is SO good about this situation: that it's ONLY two weeks alone and then we will be together for AT LEAST a year and a half before we have our first duty station. Some sense of normalcy in our own home is great. Plus I can work on making our home a home before Daniel moves in. Even without any of our stuff. Stuff doesn't make a home, the people do.

I happen think we have some pretty awesome people in our family. 

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