Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Turkey Lurkey Time

Thanksgiving wasn't necessarily normal this year.

We didn't spend hours slaving away cooking. We didn't corral around a football game. We didn't reminisce with family we hadn't seen in years. It wasn't filled with steep traditions. 

In all the ways that it wasn't normal it was still a good Thanksgiving!

Dan, DiAnna and the gang all traveled down here to bring Daniel and I our furniture in a U-Haul. That is 13+ hours. Did I mention that I really love my in-laws? Or that my in-laws are better than your in-laws? Because they are.

They got here really early on Thanksgiving morning (around 3:30am!!!!) so we all slept in pretty late. By pretty late I mean Dan came and took Grace at 7am and we didn't see her again till about 9:30-10am. Daniel and I got to sleep in during Grace's active morning hours; it was heavenly. 

Then we all went and unloaded the U-Haul that had to be back at the store by 11! We unloaded for awhile then got ready to go to dinner.

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You know i got Gracie's room set up before we went ANYWHERE. It is still unfinished but you get the picture.
We went to a buffet style place, kinda like Golden Corral but more like Chuck -a-Rama. 

To be honest? That's an awesome place to have Thanksgiving. We didn't spend 8+ hours cooking. We didn't spend 4+ hours cleaning. We came, we ate good food, and we left to do other things. It was awesome.  Kinda makes me wonder why we do it the other way. 

We decided that Grace's first taste of real food should be on Thanksgiving. What better time!??!

She had a TINY bit of mashed potatoes at the restaurant:

She didn't know quite what to think. 

Then when we got home, it was time for the real baby food! Squash was on the menu. 

She loved it from the start!

baby food, thanksgiving,

She kept attacking the spoon and lunging forward to get more food.

baby, thanksgiving, baby food,

We didn't have your typical Thanksgiving, but we were definitely reminded of what we had to be thankful for. We had a house full of furniture, a new mattress that we couldn't have gotten without help, and family who were willing to drive 13+ hours to help us out. We really are so very lucky.

That's what Thanksgiving is about isn't it? To remind you how lucky you are. 

Maybe it was a normal Thanksgiving after all :)

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