Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Month Birth-Aversary

My girl turned 7 months old last week. *cue the waterfall tears*

I can't even believe how old she is! More and more I am just shocked by it. I can remember when she fit into the nook of my arm, and now she sits on my hip! 

Now that Grace is a big girl, she can:

  • CRAWL- My baby girl is crazy mobile. It's weird seeing her tiny body crawling around everywhere and it pulls my heartstrings knowing that she is growing up!!
  • She can walk a few steps on her own before she loses balance and toples over.
  • She will walk anywhere if you are holding her hands.
  • Sits on her own
  •  Can go from crawling to sitting on her own.
  • Can pass toys consistently from one hand to the other.
  • *Knows her name and responds to it.
  • Babbles all the time and can say "Thh" "Buh" and "Muh" but can't string them together quite yet.
  • Will mimic you at times. If you stick your tongue out at her, she will do it to you, etc.
  • Stands on her own against objects
  • Brings her toys to her.
  • Bangs objects together.
  • Picks things up with her fore finger and thumb.
  • Drinks from a sippy cup
  • Eats solid foods
  • Beginning to eat with her hands
  • Holds her own bottle
  • Looks when she drops something to pick it back up.
  • Bear crawls
  • Will actively  go for the specific toy she wants.
  • responds to bold colors like red.
  • recognizes her bottle, what it is, and when she here's the "woosh woosh" sound of shaking her bottle--she smiles.

She's constantly growing, she is constantly changing. I am just trying to soak it all up. Speaking of...she is shoving her whole binky in her mouth right now (again) so I gotta go take a picture!

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