Friday, January 4, 2013

A DIY Christmas for Grandpa

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I love Pinterest. 

I loved this idea when I saw it and stashed it away for an occasion. I got my father-in-law in the annual "Secret" Santa. That is a VERY scary thing, to get my father-in-law a present. What if he didn't like it? What if he thought it was stupid? WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF

 Then I thought of something that my FIL loves, someone that he loves: Gracie. Then that idea from Pinterest came back to me, and I decided to do it for my FIL's present. I expanded and changed it a bit with Daniel's help though...

So first, I had to decided what word I wanted to tape off. Lehi? Because my FIL is a teacher there and they are very loyal people to the school. Or Grandpa? Because he is definitely a very proud one. With my MIL's assistance, we decided on Grandpa. It's his granddaughter painting it, so it felt right.

I obviously still went with purple though, that way it still matched the Lehi Pioneer Pride.

Daniel and I went to Michaels and got a bigger canvas than in the tutorial. I wanted Grace to have a lot of room, and 'Grandpa' is a bigger word than 'love' and I wanted it to look right. But I also didn't want it to be TOO big just incase Grace lost interest quickly.

I did NOT want to tape off the letters for Grandpa, that would have taken forever and probably have looked HORRIBLE. So, I got letters instead. The letters I got were PERFECT. They are the big black felt ones from Michaels. They worked PERFECTLY. So if you are going to do this and not do the word 'Love' I definitely recommend them. They are flat enough that it doesn't impact the way the look letters look when you peel them off, and they are big enough that you can tell what they letters are.

I laid down two vinyl table covers, put the paint in three different plates. Daniel held her, I dipped her hands and away she went. I am glad she liked it, or it could have been REALLY difficult.

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painting, DIY Christmas present, pinterest, art, grandparent gift

painting, DIY Christmas Present, Growing Gracie, Pinterest, Grandparent gift,
This is what it looked like when it Grace was done painting. 

It turned out SUPER cute and after we peeled the letters off we decided to add her little footprints. 

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 Merry Christmas Papa Rice!

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