Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Monetary Mistake

I am a STICKLER to my budget. 

I know the money we have to play with and I know the money that shouldn't be touched.

I have this little red check registar. It is about the size of my debit card. I keep EVERYTHING in it. I make it a point to write down every bill, payment, transfer, pay day, etc.  I am was only off ONCE and it was by a few cents that I found. Other than that, I have made a few adding mistakes here and there, but it was never something that couldn't be fixed by double checking the math.
I wish I could say that now...

I paid a bill at the beginning of the month, wrote it down in the check registar and went about my business. It's the kind of bill that requires a routing number so it usually takes no longer than a week to come out. THUS the importance of writing it down...

A day after that, I lost track of the registrar and had to start again, so I started by the bank account number and deducted from there all the "pending payment" to get the working number of what we had in our account.

Then, Daniel was asking me if it was okay if he got gas (THAT IS HOW seriously I take our budget. The man has to ask to fill the car with gas.) and I said yes, and to fill it. I went to check the bank to check the funding and to MY SURPRISE, it was almost depleted!! I quickly called Daniel and told him not to get gas and come straight home because there was a problem with the bank.

I thought it was fraud, I thought it was a mistake on the banks part, there had to be SOME EXPLANATION FOR THIS. Then, I saw it...

The bill I had wrote down in the check registar that was messed up, I didn't put in the replacement registrar.

When the bill came out...well I am sure you have connected the dots.

Because we are a military family, we HAVE to live on a strict budget and we HAVE to stick to it and watch what we spend. If we don't, that's the difference between us eating or not.

Luckily, we had savings to bail us out of a sticky situation, that I plan on putting back once we get paid again.

But, I feel really stupid that this happened and I feel really lucky to have a husband who just shrugged, gave me a kiss and said "that's why we have savings."

Word to the wise....DOUBLE CHECK YOUR REGISTRARS. And if you don't--make sure you have an understanding awesome husband.

Well, that puts me back a few steps on my goal #5 doesn't it...



  1. Oh no! At the moment I just check the online version of the accounts. Does having the registrar make a big difference? MAybe I should get on that. . .!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only tight wad wife out there =) found your blog through Kisses from the Mrs. Love it and am now following along! Feel free to come check our blog out!

  3. I really appreciate this! Budgeting is one area that I'm kinda experimenting right now, trying to figure out what works the best. I'm single but looking forward to marriage and family and I love the idea of putting $1000 in savings ASAP! I already have an account that gets paid into a little bit every month but your experience really highlights the need to make sure there is enough in there at a given time to make it worthwhile.


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