Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Checking In.

I was starting to feel bad that it's eight days into the new year and I hadn't begun any of my strive for five goals and there Lauren was checking in already! I may have a slight comparison/competition problem Then when I was looking at the post to be able to "check-in" with my progress, I was elated! I have made headway with a few! I need to stop being so hard on myself. 

In case you missed my first post on my goals this year:

Tanika's List of Goals to Accomplish this year:
1. Get Back to my Pre-Pregnancy Weight
2. Become a More Active Service-Member in the Church
4. Become a better cook
5.Create a Nest-egg/Safety Net

Here is where I am now...

1. Get Back to Pre-Pregnancy Weight
 I think this is the one I have made the least amount of progress with. I ate like...4 oreo bars yesterday. BUT WITH 6 LEFT--I THREW THEM AWAY. That has to be worth something right? Slowly, I am getting rid of the junk food I will eat in the house. Yesterday I went on a walk. I have to realistic about my "work-out" plan. I have a baby at home, no babysitters, and a husband who doesn't get home till late and has homework; not a whole lot of time for working out. But, I know what I CAN do. Where I live is SURROUNDED by hills. So, I will go on a walk every day. I will do at least ONE of the 'Body Things :/' on my pinterest every week. I will do pushups, sit-ups, crunches etc at home too, and having Daniel help me to make sure I am doing them right is good too! Now all I have to do is actually DO IT.

2.Become a More Active Service-Member in the Church 
I have made headway on this!!! The first-counselor in the Relief Society came over the other night and asked me if there was anything I wanted to do this year. I told her of my resolution and she told me there are three at-risk pregnancies in our ward that ALL LIVE AROUND ME. So I can make meals for them!! Huzzah! Also, I am baking a BUNCH of ...something to put on plates to bring to the ladies in our ward with children Gracie's age, with a tag or something that says something cute about wanting to have play-dates and be friends :) There is also a wife of a friend of Daniel's that is newly pregnant and nauseous ALL the time. I still have a full case of preggy pops so I had to clean out my ENTIRE storage closet and go through EVERY box (because of course it was in the LAST box I checked) to find them to be able to give them to her. I felt good about that, plus I had a clean storage room. So, I am on the right track there...

ALSO--I let a lady in Target get ahead of us in line. That to be honest was a feat of strength for me...which brings us to...

I would like to think I have worked on this...but outside of the Target lady, I don't think I have. Poor Daniel. I really am going to work on it. If not for me, then for him. I am such a crabby apple sometimes.

4. Become A Better Cook
Every day I try to sit down and look for recipes to try and new things to learn, I think I am getting better at things. I can make from a recipe REALLY well, but I haven't really been able to try new things yet. Especially from my own head and not from a cook book.

5. Create a Nest Egg/ Safety Net
Daniel and I put $1000 dollars in savings as soon as we had it, and we DID NOT TOUCH IT during the holidays. Then...my tooth broke. I WAS SO GLAD that we did NOT touch the money because it was 450$ to fix WITH insurance. Now that I really know the true value of savings I will NOT touch that money except for emergencies. 

Since we are putting $50 from each paycheck (or at least we plan to) into savings, that's about $100 a month, $1200 by the end of the year. 1,200 + 550 =1750 Our goal was to have enough money to cover 3 months of bills. As much as I wish $1750 would cover 3 months of bills, sadly, it does not. But we are only about $1200 away from that. I think putting the majority of our tax-returns in savings will help this goal along.

That is where I am at with my new years resolutions goals!! 

Hope you guys are doing well with yours!



See! photographic proof that I went on a walk yesterday!

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  1. We're putting our tax return into savings too!! You just never know... it can be scary not having something to fall back on! And bravo about the service you're doing - I'm sure the nausea pops worked wonders =]


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