Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The SMASH Koolaid

I am, among other things, a theatre buff. I hate to brag, but I could tell you everything about any musical since musicals started. I have loved theatre from a very young age since I saw "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown".  Theatre was my life before I met Daniel, and now he gets to deal with me singing "I Dreamed a Dream" in the shower and my never ending Barbra obsession.

I know some of you will not have a stone's toss idea of what I am talking about, but I gotta get this off my theatrical loving mind.

When I heard there was going to be a TV show about Broadway I was EXTREMELY excited. Especially when I heard ANJELICA HUSTON was going to be in it.
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I mean, hello, it's Anjelica Huston: angels weep when she enters a room.

Then I heard Megan Hilty was going to be one of the shows front runners.
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Excuse us all.

The reasons for me to love this show just kept growing. I was drinking the koolaid, heck I was chugging the koolaid.

I saw the previews for it and I saw that they were pitting Katharine McPhee against Megan Hilty for the role of Marilyn Monroe. In the previews I thought this was a good plot that would obviously have Megan Hilty win, how could she not?



Throughout the show the writers have Katharine McPhee winning over Megan Hilty. Yes, I am aware that they are characters in a show with a plot. But, as a theatre person myself, I can say with all the certainty IN THE WORLD---that if Katharine and Megan were auditioning for the role of Marilyn Monroe, Megan would get in a heart beat. Heck, if they were auditioning for anything on Broadway and it was just the two of them, Megan would get it.


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Reason 4: In the show Megan's character is the theatre "vet" she has paid her dues and all, Katharine's character hasn't been in diddley squat but they are going to let an unknown STAR in a musical? BAHAHAH. Not even in Kristin Chenoweth's early start did THAT happen.

I feel like I can't stress reason #2 & #5 enough. That isn't to say Katharine isn't a good singer, but she is a POP singer. Megan is a BROADWAY/ OPERA SINGER. Megan is suited for it, Katharine's just isn't. Which if you notice, that's why they had MEGAN sing the MAJORITY of the Broadway style songs and had Katharine sing the pop ones that had nothing to do with the price of tea in SMASH.

What kills me is that they pointed it out SEVERAL times that Megan was the better singer. Even in a "sing off" where Megan sang Mary J. Blige's "I'm Going Down" and shut the place DOWN.

What kills me even MORE is that Megan Hilty played Lorelei Lee at the NYCC. Which is a part made famous by who? MARILYN MONROE.

Despite the OBVIOUS flaws in the storyline, I kept watching.

I mean, Bernadette Peters was on my screen. Am I supposed to say NO to Bernadette Peters? I don't think so.

I watched the whole season though, like the dedicated fan girl that I am. I thought to myself: well at least I get to hear Megan Hilty sing on a regular basis. 

That's nice. 

But the ever bugging feeling of knowing this show had the worst and most oblivious writers, and were UNDER valuing Megan and OVER valuing Katharine just kept eating away at me. 

But still, I drank the koolaid. I sipped it, but still, I drank it.

I had high hopes for Season 2. I thought, there is no way they are going to keep trying to BS the audience that Katharine McPhee is better than Megan Hilty. Not after ALL the reviews of the show said it was an implausible story line because it would never really happen and it's basically a load of crap to deny Megan a role she OBVIOUSLY fits better in.


I watched the hour long "sneak peek" of the two hour premiere and Megan Hilty didn't sing till the VERY end, and it wasn't an awesome song, in fact it was kind of lame. What they did to Ivy makes me want to kick a unicorn! That's right! A UNICORN. That episode was ALL about how Katharine's character was better than Megan's and I am like....



I am done with this show. I am done with the koolaid. This show is grasping at straws to make Katharine the star of the show instead of looking around at the INCREDIBLE talent that is there. I mean...when you make Anjelica Huston a foot note in your show...there is something wrong with you. When you BLATANTLY ignore the biggest musical theatre talent, for your musical theatre show, you must be on crack.

So dear readers, I say to you: No more Koolaid for me.

Let me know when this show reprieves itself.



  1. This made me laugh. I started watching Smash in it's infancy and I stopped for the same reasons you just listed. The implausibility drove me a teeny bit bananas. But I did love me some Megan Hilty. Girl's got pipes! :)

  2. While I do loooove theatre, I'm no where near the expertise that you are and this show makes me angry. Granted I do love Glee but I don't take it seriously, I know it's ridiculous. But I thought the same thing when this show came out. And I think the same thing about musicals made into's all about the hollywood names now and not the talent. Blarg blarg blarg. Props to you for watching it though, cause I couldn't


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