Thursday, February 7, 2013

2nd Check In: Strive for Five

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Time to check in! :) I know I am doing it a bit off of everyone else, but I want there to be a big enough gap in the check ins to give myself TIME to create progress! haha.

So, recap:

Tanika's List of Goals to Accomplish this year:
1. Get Back to my Pre-Pregnancy Weight
2. Become a More Active Service-Member in the Church
4. Become a better cook
5.Create a Nest-egg/Safety Net

1. Get Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight
I have started eating right. I eat three meals a day. Instead of only eating one. (Not on purpose, just forgetful.)
I go on walks, but not as much as I should. To be honest-- I need to work out. I need to get exercise in. But so far the only exercise I get is chasing after Grace and holding her all day---which is considerable but probably not the same thing as ACTUAL exercise...

2. Become a More Active Service-Member in the Church
I am really proud of myself here because I know I am doing good things here. I brought a high-risk pregnant woman dinner, I loaned my maternity clothes to someone, and I am starting work on valentines/ HEY THERE gifts for the women in our ward who live near us. I also befriended a new girl in the ward--though I think that's more of a service for her than me. I know there is more that i can do--but it's a start.

I was doing SO GOOD. Then I had a moody weekend...and then I freaked out over lowering the crib. But I do see definite progress there, but I could definitely improve.

4. Become a Better Cook
YES. YES YES YES. I got a spice rack and a ton of other spices. New ingredients. New cookware. I am making recipes on my own and most of them are turning out good :) I am also improvising on recipes :) So I think I am well on my way there. I mean, I MADE MY OWN PIZZA :D 

5.Create A Nest-Egg/Safety Net
Well...this one got blown out of the water. We had a few emergencies...I broke a tooth, we had to purchase a few things to cover an upcoming short paycheck...basically our savings got depleted. BUT we have plan...we are going to most if not all of our tax returns in savings. Hopefully we can keep it there.

Ya know-- I was feeling pretty darn good about myself till I wrote it all down. I need to step it UP.


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