Thursday, February 21, 2013

Calling ALL Mama's!!! Help a Mama Out!

Gracie has ALWAYS been a good eater.

She loves food.


She loves to eat, period.

It doesn't have to be food, it can be paper, her feet, cords she shouldn't be touching...she even loves to eat lemons! (Definitely something she gets from her Dad.) 

Even when we started her on baby food, baby girl was gung-ho about the whole deal. We couldn't give her squash fast enough. Mac N Cheese! Turkey and Rice! Sweet Potatoes! All of it. She loved. Then we started adding rice cereal to the baby food to give her more nutrition. NO PROBLEMS. She loved it, and now prefers baby food with the rice cereal. She loves the little rice puffs, she loves the apple wagon wheels, she loves the baby cheetos! (That's what I call them, they aren't really cheetos.) 

IMAGINE MY SHOCK when we tried to feed her different textures (as you should around 9 mos) and feed her "real" food and she HATED IT ALL.

Soft Gerber Apple Bits? NO. Scrambled egg? NO. Little bits of biscuit? NO. 


She will spit out any and all noodles that enter her mouth.

We had one small victory last night: she likes tomatoes. 

(But you have to feed them to her yourself because she still is a little sketchy about them.)

And to be honest, we got her to eat (very SLOWLY...over the course of THREE DAYS) chicken and pasta. But she still spit out the majority of the "pasta"!

The past two days I have also noticed that she is becoming MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to feed. It takes 30 mins to feed her one container of food when it use to take me TOPS 10-15 mins. It is such a struggle lately! I can't figure it out.

So mama's, I am coming to you!

How did you get your baby to eat different textures? 
What did you feed them? 
When were they on "real" food? 
Did you experience difficulty feeding them at this age? 



  1. As a currently pregnant lady, I'm looking forward to hearing the advice you get!

    I'm your newest follower!

    1. Well thanks :) I am going to make a post soon about the advice I got and what FINALLY worked :) (Yes there is a solution to this problem AND an explanation for her weirdness lol) Thanks for following along!

  2. How bizarre... I wish I knew ways to help you with this one. Like the lady above, I can't wait to hear what advice you get on this.

  3. Hey girl,

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out here:


  4. We're going through this right now with my just turned one year old. Overall fantastic eater, but every time we'd feed him something that wasn't pureed to bits, he'd gag. Like full on, I'm-going-to-barf gag. The only thing non-pureed that he'd eat were puffs and yogurt drops.

    Finally, within the past two weeks he's just started to eat "table" food. I figured that he'd be more likely to eat chunks of fruit/sweeter food, so we started with diced peaches, blueberries, strawberries and bananas and then moved to pasta, black beans, whole peas, corn kernels, etc.

    About two months ago, we moved him from Earth's Best level 3 foods to Happy Baby level 3 pouches that have quinoa in them - they were much thicker. He hated me and would absolutely sob between bites, but he either changed his mind or gave up, and eats them well now when we feed those to him.

    So, basically, have patience and keep trying. Just like introducing other new flavors, it can take upwards of 10 tries before you know for sure.

    Hope this helps!

    1. I am going to try those fruit patches soon and see if she likes them. :) Thanks for your advice--I am writing a blog in a bit about which parts of your advice worked for me ;) <3 Thanks for following along!

  5. Happy to help! Hope some of it works for you. Never would have thought that feeding my kid would be so frustrating, but it's always nice to hear that you're not the only one struggling with things!


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