Monday, February 4, 2013


Lately, I have been a crabby apple. A grouch. A grinch. A Nasty-Nelly.

My poor, poor husband.

I kept waking up in the worst mood! I couldn't shake it and I was biting my husbands head off and freaking out for literally no reason.

Then last night--I said to myself: "Knock it off. Get out of this mood. Choose to be happy."

There is a musical I love called Grey Gardens and it has a song called: Choose to be Happy (good name eh?)

Harsh winters weather
the mansions we build
Highways have potholes
and milk will be spilled.
Does your cup runneth
half-empty or filled?
One simple principle 
makes you invincible:

Choose---to be happy!


Sand Castles crumble
as evening rolls in,
look to the sunrise about to begin.
You're goin' places 
you never have been!!

Get up the nerve 
to be all you deserve 
to be!

Choose to be HAPPY.

Basically, we all deserve to be happy, and everyone has the ability TO BE happy--BUT, you have to make the choice TO be.

Everyone in this world has things in their lives that makes it hard, everyone has struggle. It's how you deal with it that separates a successful life from a destructive life.

I have decided that I am going to choose to be happy everyday. I may not succeed entirely, but I think as long as I remind myself that me and my family deserve all the happiness we can soak up in life--that we will all be ok.

Happiness starts with a CHOICE.

What will YOU choose?



  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been feeling crabby lately as well.... but I'm going to choose to be happy!

    1. For some reason, the crabby apple tree has been fruitful lately! BUT WE CAN OVERCOME THIS.

  2. Same here, I've been really not happy and feeling like I can't and don't have a choice. . . But I do. Thanks for writing this :)

  3. This is SO good and true! I'm gonna share this on twitter right now!

    1. AWe thank you! Exposure helps a little ol blog like me out! And thanks :) <3 <3


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