Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Independent Nine Month Old

She is 9 months old....That means there are three more months till my tiny baby Grace is 1 year old.

What is crazy is...she has started to walk. That's right. My nine month old baby girl, basically a grown up now, is walking.

Granted, it's not fluid yet, and she doesn't do it all the time or with out us there. But she does it. Which, if the rate of how fast she learned to crawl means anything, she will be walking on her own at the end of the month and certainly by her first birthday.

I can't believe this...wasn't she just born?

Now she is up in the morning trading stocks and checking the dow.

and gambling at night...

Next thing you know she will be going off to college. 

My little bitty baby girl is growing up in what seems like a second. There are days where I take her tiny-ness for granted. Where I am just begging for the day to be over because teething is HELL and baby girl is getting new top teeth to accompany her two bottoms. I regret days like that because soon enough, there is going to be a day when I don't want the day to end. 

Till, then...

Grace at 9 Months Old
  • Generally, she understands when I say "no" that she is doing something she shouldn't
  • Imitates sounds and actions
  • Doesn't like to be left alone. :(
  • Will seriously play peek-a-boo by herself and think it's hilarious
  • Responds to her name
  • Responds to simple things (push the button, high five, give that to me please)
  • Knows when we put her in her high chair that it means it's time to eat. 
  • Has the pincer movement DOWN.
  • Is finally eating different textures...slowly.
  • She got a new playpen and actually really loves it. We take the door off sometimes and she will just crawl on in there on her own to play.
  • Responds to certain sounds. She knows the sound of her bottle being made, the bathtub running, and The X-Files theme song.
  • Will throw things on purpose
  • Starting to experience separation anxiety at night. (not so fun) 
  • Will walk ANYWHERE as long as there is something to hold on to.
  • She likes to watch TV, specifically anything to do with Disney Fairies (LOVES Tinkerbell. Thinks it's hysterical) or the movie BRAVE.
No, I didn't let her stay like this. Just long enough to take a picture.
  • Starting to understand how to wave bye-bye. She will do it down by her leg, but hasn't figured out she has to raise her arm up.
  • JUMPS/Dances
  • She will poke things with her finger it's the funniest thing. She knows how to push little buttons. (Thanks to her constant use of my computer and phone)
  • Learning how to drink out of her sippy cup more effectively.
  • LOVES her rubber duck. She has done many a face dive in the tub to get it back into her grasp after it floats away. WILL FREAK OUT if she doesn't have it when she can see it.
Is this not the cutest little robe? Thanks Mary!!

  • Is in size 3 shoes.
  • Has nighttime diapers because she pees a LOT during the night. Like...a lot.
  • Likes to have her teeth brushed
  • Doesn't like having her hair brushed (she used to like it)
  • Doesn't like any kind of noodle
  • "talks" all the time but still has yet to say "dada" (Poor Daniel)
  • She will stand on her own before she gets freaked out and sits down.
  • Knows how to turn stand up toy off/stop the music.
  • LOVES a fuzzy puppet frog my friend gave her for Christmas. It's her go to "fuzzy". 
Seriously how I found her. She loves that little guy.

Gracie is getting bigger and bigger. A lot more of her personality is coming out and I can tell you that it's such a JOY to be apart of this process and be her mommy. She is such a sweet loving little girl and definitely a big blessing in our lives. 

Here's to 9 months! 

I love you Gracie


  1. Holy cow! She is getting so big! The pictures of her on the computer and playing cards seriously killed me. So funny! She is getting cuter and cuter every day!

    1. Well I think so! But then again I am 100% biased!

  2. What a cutie!

  3. She is so precious! It's so funny to see a baby start walking so young because they're so little haha. Happy 9 months to your little Gracie!

    1. Thank you! Yes it definitely is weird. She's still so tiny! It's weird to see her teeny tiny body teeter toddling around.

  4. Cute blog Tanika! & your little girl is adorable! It's crazy/bittersweet how fast they grow :) most days I can't stand it.

    1. Most days I am just in AWE of how big she has gotten since she was born! It's NUTS!


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