Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Real About My Weight

I have had a real WAKE UP moment.

On my strive for five--I had listed losing the rest of my baby weight by Gracie's birthday--which is May 28--as my #1 goal.

Considering I have about 20 lbs to go to my pre-pregnancy weight and 30 to go to my goal weight--that kinda seems a little unrealistic. I am not severely overweight--losing that amount of weight in a few months isn't possible for me. I am not able to go to the gym every night, I can't hire a trainer, and I am not paying for weight watchers.

I am able to go on walks every day, eat better, and do exercise videos in my living room when Gracie is napping. (I will also be chasing after Gracie.) That's what I can do.

I didn't think I was losing weight and I was getting really discouraged about it. Thinking I was going to have to take time out of my ONLY time with Daniel to hit the gym. (So he could watch Grace.)

But then...

The other day, when we went to the temple, I had to rush into Target to get a white bra because I only own pink and neutral bra's (hahaha). When I was trying on the bra's as fast I could (we were running late and of course we decided to go get the bra the day OF our temple trip. Oi.) I had kinda noticed how big my bra was on me. I was like...weird. Maybe it just needs to be washed. Then I forgot about it. That was until I put on another one of my bras and it to was too big.

I had to settle this doubt in my mind, so I went to Victoria's Secret and got sized. I AM A FULL CUP SIZE SMALLER. This means I am FINALLY back to my original pre-pregnancy bra size!!! Those suckers were freaking E's when I was pregnant and nursing!! HUZZAH.

I INSTANTLY felt better because I lose weight first in my boobalas before I lose it anywhere else. This means what I can do is working and definitely gives me motivation to do more.

This whole thing has been really hard on me because I have never really had a lot of trouble losing weight before. I danced 2-3 times a day most days of the week. I was always active. So I never had issues like this before...and for some reason I am forgetting all the work I had to actually put IN to have the body I did before. Go figure.

I think that I need to realize that I am not like my Unicorn Pregnancy friend--my weight did not come off after I had Grace. I gained a LOT more than I should have and now I have to work THAT much harder to get it off. Had I gained what I should have gained, it would be off now just like hers is. Lesson LEARNED. (Though...because of my crazy thyroid problems I am not sure how much of it was in my control...but still I should have put the ice cream away.)

With that lesson I realized that I need to be realistic about my goals. I have a lot of weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy size, and I need to make an achievable goal.

So, in a true New Years Resolution fashion, I am giving myself the WHOLE YEAR to get to my GOAL weight.

I think an important reason a lot of people's goals fail is because they aren't realistic. They have an ideal in their mind from what they have seen online, in movies, a celebrity or from a friend. But it's important to know that you aren't in a movie, you aren't your friend, you are just you. Your body and your weight are unique to you.

That's something I had to realize and then adjust my goals.

Now, losing this weight is a goal I know I can accomplish, and it's realistic--which is exactly what I need.



  1. Girl, you make me laugh! Don't get discouraged. But that's still way exciting! There are two things I've heard. Well, first, the last thing that came on, will fall off. You got bigger breasties? WEll, those will shrink first. You recently gained weight in your thighs? That will be the first to go. The other thing that makes me feel better is:

    it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing. 8 weeks for your friends & family to notice. and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. give it 12 weeks. DON'T QUIT!

    Also, I'm pretty sure you probably look way better than me and I've never been pregnant. Hang in there, love! I'm happy to hear the great results!


  2. I totally know what you mean, about used to getting excerise without even realizing it. Now I have a desk job and it's so hard to get this little extra bit off. Good for you for doing what you can though. And DANG size E? Holy cow!

  3. I totally know how you feel! I gained 26 lbs with my son and lost 40 lbs three weeks after he was born. THEN, I proceeded to gain 25 of it back within his first year. With my daughter, I was already above my pre-pregnancy weight with my son, gained 38 lbs and lost 25 of it within 2 weeks after she was born. It's taken me THREE MONTHS to lose 7 lbs! I just keep telling myself what everyone has told me, nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off and keep on at it. I am determined not to make the same mistake I did after my son was born, so I know it will come off, it's just taking a little longer than I hoped.


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