Friday, March 8, 2013

Patience & Emergency Rooms

One of my strive-for-five goals is to become more patient because I wasn't born with an ounce of patience.

Last night, I got the chance to be patient and I BLEW it.

Last night we had to take Gracie to the Emergency Room. She got croup and it got  bad. After we had given her a bath I was about to put a diaper on her, and she was standing up at the time, and the poor little girl recreated a scene from The Exorcist. It was a scary amount of projectile vomit, enough to know that it wasn't normal.

Apparently there is only ONE hospital near us so when we got there--they were "busy". I put that in "" because it didn't look busy to me.

waiting to get vitals done...and waiting...and waiting...

We were there HALF AN HOUR before she even got her vitals taken, and we were lucky because a lady let us go before her.

Once we finally got back into a "room", it took about an HOUR for the doctor come see us. (TWO HOURS total before a doctor saw her.) Took him 10 minutes to decide Gracie needed oral steroids for the croup and a breathing treatment.

Then we had to wait ANOTHER hour before they gave us discharge papers.

She friggin loves that puppet. Also: isn't that the cutest/saddest little hospital robe you've ever seen?

I know that they have to wait for drug allergens to become present. But, as an adult, I have been given a LOT stronger drugs and the LONGEST I have EVER had to wait was 30 minutes.

So I peaked out being our little curtain to see all the nurses just chilling out, talking.

Meanwhile, my 9 month old is so tired and it's VERY past her bed time (it now being minutes till midnight). So I had to go ask how long until we are allowed to leave.

The nurse then tells me that the doctor just needed to come back and check her before we could be discharged.

I kid you not--I saw that doctor about 4 times. Looked him directly in the eye. He didn't look too busy shooting the breeze with the nurses.

We played "soooo big" with Gracie to keep her happy. (That's also what her robe says) 

I was literally 2 minutes away from signing an AMA (against medical advice) form and walking out. I just kept asking when we could leave, hoping someone would see that Grace was freaking out and I was about to as well.

Then the nurse just walked in the room with Gracie's prescription and discharge papers.

Umm...didn't she say that the doctor had to come back in?

I was not even going there.

I know Grace well enough to know that she wasn't having any kind of reaction to either medication, and I know medicine enough to know that if she was going to have any kind of reaction, it would have happened already.

So we signed the papers and went home.

When we were leaving Daniel laughed and said he'd be afraid if I was ever his boss and he did something wrong, or that he'd hate to be my server or nurse if something wasn't going the way it should.

Trust me, he meant it as a compliment--but I immediately went to the defense.

I am tough on servers because I WAS one. Almost all of my jobs have been waitressing, and I have never been fired. I know what good service is, and I know what lazy service is. I know the difference between a busy night and neglecting your tables. I tip accordingly. And yes, there have been times where I haven't tipped, because if I had served the way they had served me--I wouldn't expect a tip.

I am tough on nurses because I have been in and out of hospitals my whole life. I know that it IS POSSIBLE to get a child into the ER quicker than an HOUR after they arrive.

I know that it is POSSIBLE to get the Doctor in to see said child TWO HOURS after they arrive.

I know that it is RIDICULOUS that I had to wait an HOUR for discharge papers.

It all comes down to this: If I am paying you to do something, you better do it the way you were trained to and the way you should do it, not the way you feel like it that day.

The ER last night made a pocketful of cash off of our 10 minute visit with a doctor and I am less than satisfied with the service I now have to pay for.

In the end, I am glad that Gracie at least has medication that will make her feel better in a few days. I am glad they gave her a breathing treatment--because I knew she needed one.

When we got into bed that night, I replayed the events in my head and I felt bad. While I do think I was justified in being upset, I handled it wrong. Especially for someone who is trying to gain patience in life.

But then again I am not sure how else I should have handled it.

There is always next time right?



  1. I hope Gracie gets to feeling better. My brother-in-law is an ER tech. In his experience, they are almost always swamped even when it doesn't appear busy (especially if it's at night.)

    1. I understand being busy, but honestly, you had to be there, if they were busy then I am sure more of the patients feel like I do. Because more than 1 person walked out before being treated. They were just standing there!

      In most hospitals I have been in, if they are busy they aren't all sitting around the fridge talking about their kids and showing pictures. I mean, I DEFINITELY understand being busy in a hospital. And I know that Gracie's croup isn't #1 priority, but waiting two hours to be seen is a bit ridiculous, don't you think?

      Thank you for your well wishes for Gracie!!! I hope she is on the mend now that she has medicine. :)

  2. I hope she's feeling better. It's so sad when little ones are sick! And, I think you handled it just fine. I would've been much much husband won't let me talk to people when I get upset a lot of the time because he knows I will just go off :-)

    1. It really is SO sad. I hate it. :( Hopefully she will get better soon.

      FUNNY THING. I COMPLETELY forgot I ad-swapped with you! I did like 1353894573458 ad-swaps in one day so I got lost a little bit! BUT I AM GLAD you reminded me :)

  3. Always a chance for tomorrow!! :) I feel like this all the time. I'm always like "Yeah I'll totally be better!" And then I'm not. But I believe in second chances. And third chances. And 32789346 chances. :D

  4. I found you through your guest post earlier today, and let me just say, I love your blog. And I respect you an immense amount. You're a young mom, dealing with a chronically sick baby, and you STILL didn't go off on that doctor. I certainly would have. I'm a waitress as well, and I completely understand where you're coming from with all of that. If you took the time to learn how to do something properly, then you shouldn't do it any other way. I sincerely hope that your sweet baby girl is feeling better, and I hope it brightens your mood a tiny bit to know that you have a new follower. (:

  5. That is too long to spend at the ER for a baby, especially for a simple diagnosis. It doesn't seem like you were inappropriate. I actually apprecaite that you can be assertive. I would have been just as upset, but I would have just sat there stewing to my husband isntead of saying something to the staff. Assertiveness isn't always impatience.


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