Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Crappiest of News

Grace has RSV. 

They sent us home with her own inhaler breathing system thing.

We will monitor her CLOSELY. If she gets any worse she has to go to the pediatric clinic in Stanford & be put on hospital care.

We are asking for prayers that she gets better and doesn't get any worse and we can manage it at home!

Doesn't she look so sad? Though she really enjoyed the breathing treatment. She kept chewing on the tube! Sweet girl...



  1. Poor kiddo! We'll keep that precious baby in our prayers!

  2. I'm so so sorry! When my son had it, I don't think I slept for several weeks until he was over it. It's scary stuff. I hope she gets over it soon - I'll be thinking about you guys!

  3. Ohh no =( definitely not fun! Hoping she feel better soon =(

  4. Poor Gracie!!! Sorry to hear the news, praying she gets better soon!!!

  5. Sending prayers for sure your way! Passionate prayers change the world! :) Prayers for her as well as you and your hubby.

  6. Good luck with the nebulizer. My nephew has had really bad asthma since he was a baby, so I've seen those treatments before. I'm glad she liked the treatment and hope that they help her heal quickly.


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