Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The New Mama Style.

When I had Gracie, man was I a mess. I did not bounce back quickly. I seriously looked like those frazzled moms from the movies. No joke.

My hair was hardly ever done because the milk made it SO painful for me to lift my arms above my head. More times than not, it was in a messy bun or a ponytail or just in some scraggley mess on my shoulders.

Make up? HA. Who has time for make-up when you are on a two hour feeding schedule and haven't slept? Not me.

This is pretty accurate to what I wore on a daily basis:

The font for "New Mommy Style" is called 'Exhausted'. Appropriate, right?

Sexy, right?

1. Modesty be damned because my boobs hurt SO bad from the milk I wanted the loosest shirt on I could find. It happened that the loosest shirt I had was a tank top. It was stretchy enough that I could just slip off a strap and bam--baby food express.

2. The nursing bras ended up being so tight and made my boobs get pretty close to touching my chin. They were just too constricting. For these reasons, I was in a sports bra all the time. Though it was a nursing sports bra. Just like the tank, I could just slip off a strap and BAM: ready to go. Super easy. If I went anywhere I just slipped on a zip up hoodie.

3. I don't know if you know this--but child birth is PAINFUL. And sometimes...your who-haa tears. Yes, it tears. TRUST ME, if that happens to you--you are NOT going to want to put ANY kind of jeans near it. I didn't want ANYTHING touching ANY PART of ANYTHING. I got the loosest sweat pants I could find. I wore them ALL. THE. TIME. Comfort was KEY. 

4. Ugg boots were the easiest shoes for me to put on. Did I mention Grace was born in the beginning of summer? Yup, I rocked that look. But more so than ease--I got EXTREMELY scary swollen there at the end. I literally had no ankle. I was so swollen it hurt to walk and I had to keep being retested for Pre-eclampsia just to be safe.

See? NO ankle.

When Grace was born, it alleviated SOME of the swelling, but not all of it. For awhile I was still pretty swollen and Uggs were one of the only shoes that still fit my swollen feet.

5. This is not for why you think. I didn't feel the need to be pretty. It was to help with the leaking.

Let me explain...

One night I woke up COVERED in sweat. We are talking head to toe, I freaked out thinking I had a crazy fever. I woke up Daniel and had him check--nope, no fever.

It wasn't till I looked at the rest of my body that I realized--NOPE. Not sweat. It was milk.


It was in my EARS people!!

From then on, I put the thickest scarf I had down my bra when I went to sleep. That way the scarf would stop the milk from trying to drown me. (How this milk suddenly stopped after 4 1/2 months of crazy nursing is beyond me...) 

Let me tell you, for the first 8 weeks of Gracie's life--I was DEFINITELY not bringing sexy back.

But honestly, those first 8 weeks are the hardest for me. Those weeks were the biggest adjustment from being just Daniel and I to me being home 24/7 with a tiny human I was 100% responsible for keeping alive. (plus I had Daniel's impending departure for BMT) That's a lot of pressure!

Looking back I just laugh and want to give myself a high-five. You get through it the way you get through it.

I got through it with a scarf down my bra.

What did you mama's look like after you had your babe's?

Update on Gracie: She seems to be doing a lot better. The nebulizer is REALLY helping with the wheezing & her breathing. She still has a nasty cough--but probably will until it's completely gone. She hasn't had a fever in two days! She was a little warm last night but not enough to give tylenol so we are happy about that! Over all she is making definite strides and I KNOW it's because of prayers! Thank you ALL! 


  1. Oh geeze, even though I love learning about birth and post partum sometimes I wonder if I ever want to have children, haha. You gotta do what you gotta do while you're adjusting to that whole new lifestyle.

  2. I had two nursing nightgowns with matching robes. I don't think I changed out of either of them until Reilly was about 4 weeks old. Then I moved on to just the robes and a slip-on nursing bra. If I went out... wait, I didn't go out. Yep, that was my life.

  3. Since you love yellow and grey: http://pinterest.com/sammy26/yellow-and-grey/

    Also, I responded to your email about the mood board!

    XO Samantha

  4. I wear nothing but nursing sleep bras because you're absolutely right - nursing bras are too constricting!

  5. Haha this post is sooooo true! More often than not, I still rock the high top bun cause I just don't have time for that getting ready business.

    And I'm so glad to hear that your little Gracie is on the mend!


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