Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throw Back Thursday !

I am so lucky to be co-hosting Throw Back Thursday today with some pretty awesome bloggers!!

Thanks to Ady, Julia & Jennifer for allowing me to tag along!

Check out the other co-hosts this week!!
Misty @ Handbags & Handguns
Aleshea @ Glitz & Grits
& Lindsey @ Life on Countryside

Today, Gracie is 10 Months OLD! I can't believe it. She is basically a giant. A huge human. So, what I didn't want to post as a TBT last Thursday because I thought it'd depress me, but --it seems as if it is destined for me to do this post.

Alas--here she is in all her newborn glory.

Disclaimer: She is not actually a newborn here. She had jaundice and scratches all over her faces when she was born, so we waited till everything cleared. That ended up being when she was EXACTLY three weeks old...whoooops.



*sniff* I will be over here...crying over how big my baby is.



  1. She's precious. I love that first picture.

    Thanks for linking up today.

  2. She is adorable! I love seeing all the pictures you post of here! Absolutely precious!

  3. They grow up SOOOO fast. She's adorable. My daughter's birth was kind of a traumatic experience for all involved so her 'newborn' pictures are also at about 3 weeks old. She is now almost 7...yikes!

  4. Your little girl is So cute.

  5. Oh she's so big! And looking so much like her beautiful mama!

  6. D'aw! That is so precious. I love babies.

  7. Oh Em Gee. I just want to gobble her right up!! Drooling....
    Visiting from the BlogHop!


  8. Oh she's grown up so much, she's so stinkin cute. I think I want to do a throwback Thursday this week :)

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