Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You are Being Irrational!

I am the WORLDS biggest scaredy cat. Seriously. I am scared of most everything in life. I've tried to get over it, but the closest I have come is being able to sleep with all the lights off but don't you dare shut that door!

I have a ton of irrational fears. That is what Daniel calls them. However, I can provide rational for every single one, so I don't think that means they are irrational...but I digress.

  • Anytime I see a dark spot on the carpet, I immediately freak out. I will go grab half of the paper towels, sometimes the whole roll if it's a big dark spot, and run to it, scoop it up as fast as I can and run it outside into the trash can. Sometimes, when I feel brave, I will look and see what kind of bug it is...Not gonna lie to you, sometimes the big dark spot is lint, or a drop of food, or a rock. But still...it could have been a big scary spider trying to lay eggs in my brain. YOU NEVER KNOW.
  • I double, triple and quadruple check all windows, doors, cupboards and closets in the house before I go to sleep. Even the tiny itty bitty window in our bathroom. And when I get into bed, I make Daniel go check. I once watched a movie with a guy who could disguise himself into the walls so you didn't notice him and then when you went to sleep he'd attack. That scares the poop out of me, so I check. All. The. Time. YOU NEVER KNOW.
  • I am TERRIFIED of flying. Like...terrified. 9/11 seriously scared the shi-bulba out of me. I was 11 years old when it happened and it has stuck with me. I also watched Final Destination once and well, shoot, that just made it worse. I try VERY hard not to fly if I can drive there instead. When I am in a plane, I have a near panic attack when taking off and landing. I have literally had to take medication before. YOU NEVER KNOW.
  • I check all the rooms, closets and cupboards the moment I enter a house. Like, before I even get Gracie out of the car seat. If I need to make a fast getaway, I can't be worried about tracking down a crawling Gracie. I've watched CSI--I know how that'd go down. YOU NEVER KNOW.
  • I check under toilet seats in any public restroom for any kind of spiders. I saw a magazine article where a lady got bit by one and DIED three days later. Soooo, I check and I try really hard to not use public restrooms as much as possible because I also read a story about how a person got HIV from one. YOU NEVER KNOW.
  • When Grace and I were living on our own at here before Daniel moved off the baracks, I slept in the living room on the pull-out couch. Even though I had a brand new bed. Why? Because in my living room I can see all three doors. So if someone is gonna try to break in and take advantage of the fact that my husband isn't home to defend me, I am gonna bust out one of the other doors with my baby before anything bad happens. I feel like I always have an escape plan because YOU NEVER KNOW.

I have more but I think it's becoming obvious that I watch too many movies...



  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's a fraidy cat! I'm one of those people who always looks behind the shower curtain before I will use the restroom. You never know when a crazy clown killer will be hiding in the shower. :/

  2. Oh my gosh! You poor thing, you're as crazy as all the rest of us. So you're normal. Embrace the crazy because it's here to stay. (although it seems like you are already embracing it) Not exactly reassuring, but what are you gonna do? Once Gracie is older, and she starts getting her personality in full bloom, well... Let's just say you wont have as much time to be afraid of this stuff because you'll be afraid that if she rolls her eyes at you one more time today you might be tempted to ship her off to boarding school, which God knows none of us can afford. So you'll be busier worrying about how to pay for boarding school and you'll have less time to focus on lint spiders and cabinet people. Trust me, I was a full-on basket case when my first daughter was born. Butas she turned into her own person with her own attitudes,(and don't even get me started about my 2nd daughter and her attitudes) I was faced with new fears like "Gosh, I hope I don't lose my temper with her when she gets back up out of bed one hundred and nineteen times after I put her to bed tonight."

    Okay, okay. I'm Tammi and I leave long comments. So sue me.

    p.s. You are adorable. You'll be 'fine'. Whatever that means.

  3. I totally used to be afraid of so many things, but one, my husband finally made me believe him that I miss out on things when I let fear hold me back, and two, living in a rural village in a third world country....you just see so many things to be afraid of every day, that they become normal. I still have my things like my irrational fear of bare feet, and them touching my skin, so lets say it's a work in progress.

  4. I loved reading this! I'm not the only one who does crazy things! I refuse to fly as well! And I hadn't heard about spiders in public restrooms, will have to start checking that now! I'm afraid of elevators and aquariums, you never know when the tank could break and you'd die standing up eaten by sharks! And I've totally thought car gangs were after me before, so I did some evasive maneuvers. Oh tv. I love your blog!



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