Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter & A Giveaway!!

It's a day late, but meh--I was super busy yesterday so I posted a "saved" post instead of this one :) Ohhh well ;) 

This was the very last of Gracie's first holidays. She was born on Memorial day last year, so Easter was it. When I realized that, I was INSTA-sad...because then it made me realize that the biggest holiday coming up for her was her birthday. Her very 1st Birthday. 

It's hard for me to see my baby growing up, because it literally FEELS like she was born a month ago. To see her walking everywhere and trying to say "duck" and "book" is killing me over here.

So, because it was her last holiday, I soak it in and went a littttlleee over board with her Easter stuff...considering she didn't remember she had half of it & couldn't eat a few things. But eh...it's the memories right?

Even though it's a day late, here is a peak into our Easter:

Our Easter card this year! One day Grace will be horrified that this was sent to all of our family and then posted on the inter-webs.  

She did NOT like these. She doesn't like anything to be on her hands, meaning she doesn't like them dirty. So when the sugar crystals came off on her hands, she was NOT a happy camper.
BUT my grandma Jackson LOVES peeps--so I had to give Grace a try in honor of my gramma. I had to. I swear. 

Gracie loves babies. So, we though it'd be a good idea to get her, her very own baby doll. We started small because Gracie is still small. I am thinking for her birthday we will get her a bigger one. But, for now--this one is JUST PERFECT. This is Gracie giving her doll "kisses". This is how Grace gives kisses. SOOO cute. SOOOO slobbery.

One of the things we got Gracie was a TON of new bath toys, and because she loves anything to do with ducks, she of course, flocked (see what I did there?) to the Swan, Mallard and Duck toys first. Ah, I just love her. 

We had a great Easter, and this Sunday was the first day Daniel and I were in the nursery for our new callings. A little bit overwhelming---but I think I will get the hang of it. 

We are also so super blessed that Daniel's parents are in town for a week. I love these people to death! Seriously. A post on that later, but I am just glad they are here because I love them all to pieces. 


In the spirit of Easter--I teamed up with Samantha at Designer in Teal to do this super cool giveaway :) You should totally check out all these blogs ANYWAY--because they are all supa fly. BUT there IS a ton of ad space up for grabs here so get while the gettin's good ;)! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!



  1. Her little easter jammies are adorable! I just love it when babies love babies. Woo-hoo for Memorial Day babies! It's the best when your birthday falls on memorial day, in 2 years, mine will. So even though it's her last big first holiday, she'll grow up loving her birthday at this time of year.

  2. I have never heard of someone sending an Easter card but it is a great idea and yours is precious!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I think the ultimate giveaway would include a variety of prizes. Gift cards, ad space, Etsy items etc.

    And don't feel bad about going overboard for Easter...it's hard not to when they're just so dang cute! :-)

  4. Bubba loves ducks too!! What a cutie she is :)


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