Monday, April 15, 2013

I am NOT ignoring you! I promise!

Thanks to Simply Clarke I found something out...I HAVE BEEN IGNORING YOU GUYS!

But totally not on purpose.

Before, when my readers would make comments, I would go reply to them instantly. I felt so good about myself because I was not ignoring my followers and I was making them feel good and valued which they totally are! So basically, I was feeling like the blogging queen.

Well, didn't I get knocked down off that pedestal!?!

So when you click the reply button, the reader is NOT notified about it. SO the only way they are going to know that you replied is if they check the thread again. I don't know about you, but I don't go back and check anything I have commented on.

When you get comments on your blog, you will get an email saying "So and So has left a comment" or something to that effect. THAT IS WHERE YOU SHOULD REPLY to them. It will go straight to their inbox and keep the empty replies off your threads!

Just make sure that you as a reader are NOT a no-reply blogger and everything will be grand!

I hope this helps some of you like it did me!

I promise that if you comment on my blog, and if I am able to reply to you, I will! I have just now in the last few weeks, gotten the hang of replying to you guys through my email, so it should all be sorted out now! Either way...

I am not ignoring you! 


  1. I did the same thing for the first month and wondered why no one ever went back to my posts and commented there where I said something to them. ; )

  2. Yay glad she helped you out with that! I used to think that's how you did it too and then I realized you could just reply via email! So much easier too!

  3. Yes! I never go back to blogs and check if they replied to my comment. Someone recently told me how to set up how to have my blog send me e-mails of all my comments so I could reply to them by e-mail. It's worked out so much better.

  4. I thought the same thing for a big Sara told me otherwise! :) Glad you got it figured out!

    XO Samantha

  5. Ahhh, I just came to this same revelation RECENTLY too! I hope no one thinks I was ignoring them either!!!

  6. It's always bugged me the way comments worked... I didn't know there was a workaround. This is great!

    1. PS your blog doesn't have one of those annoying captcha things. WHY NOT? and HOW DO I GET IT OFF MINE?


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