Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Baby Shower

HEY! HEY! HEY! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! YAAAY! A year (and two days ago) I had my baby shower, and I wanted to share it with you :)

I was lucky enough to have two baby showers. One that my mother-in-law threw me along with ladies from my ward, and one that my sister Chantel threw me. I don't have any pictures of the baby shower my mother-in-law threw, and I only have a few that my sister threw. BUT I DON'T CARE I AM GONNA SHARE. 


My baby shower was crazy awesome. My sister Chantel put it all together for me and I am crazy amazed at how much effort was put into it. She seriously put so much thought and love into it for little Grace and I am so grateful that I have awesome memories to look back on.

I wish you could see this better, but my sister Chantel HAND MADE this ENTIRE quilt for Gracie. So not only did she throw me an AMAZING shower, she also found time to make this quilt. Did I mention she works a full time job and has two boys? 

I wish I had pictures of what everything looked like, but I only have pictures of gift opening, but I think that's fun so I am gonna share. :)

Lots of people showed up; you can't even see the people in the left corner. I love that my best friend Caitlin is making such a creeper face, mainly because I know she's making it at me. 

This is funny because my sisters both bought this shirt for Gracie, as did my sister-in-law. It says "I love my Aunt"

See, Gracie looked good in pink before she was born. 

Okay...so this monkey is a scentsy monkey...that has scents in its butt...no judgement. It smelled awesome. 

Freakin' awesome diaper cake. I wish we had a better picture. It had TONS of stuff on it! Clips, bows, mesh chewer thing, lots of Johnson & Johnson stuff, brushes, socks, onesies, etc. It was NUTS. My sister Chantel also made this. 

I literally almost cried here. It was always a "tradition" that new babies would get knitted attire from my Grandma Mae. Well, my grandma Mae passed away before I was a teenager. So, to make up for it, my sister Chantel gave me the knitted dress her grandma made for her if she were to have a girl. Because my sister had her tubes tied after her last son was born, she gave this to me. 
I treasure it.

This is one of my very favorite pictures from my shower.

Chantel ALSO made THREE tutu's for Gracie. AND a custom onesie for the red, white and blue one. 

Basically I had an awesome shower with a lot of love surrounding me. My sister is obviously the saner version of Martha Stewart. (Did I mention she made 7859348527908 of those tissue puff ball things?) It was a great day that I am going to be forever grateful for.

My sister loves me the most. 

P.S. Did I mention she made me one of those fruit carriages? She even made it with strawberries (my VERY favorite fruit) even though she's allergic to them. I DESTROYED THAT THING. 

Exhibit A:


  1. Wow, that is so sweet! Your sister obviously cares about you a lot. How sweet of her to give you that crocheted outfit for little gracie.

  2. I'm a couple days late - but happy happy birthday anyway!


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