Monday, April 1, 2013

My Truth's

I was tagged by Courtney over at Air Force Wife and Our Life.  

1. It really and truly bothers me when people are upset with me, or think bad things of me.  I do sometimes have a temper and I am an emotionaly driven person, so it can sometimes bite me in the butt. However, I am proud to say that when I am wrong I say I am wrong. I apologize where I need to, and only after I apologize, can I move on from it. I try to be the best person I can be, someone that represents my faith well, and someone Daniel & Gracie can be proud of. It bothers me a lot more than I'd like to admit when I don't hit the mark on it. I have horrible guilt problems and most of the time I think I'm the worst person ever.

2. I LOVE Barbra Streisand. Like...I don't think you understand. I would probably sell one or both of my kidneys to meet her. I have her autograph tattoo'd on my foot. I have all of her movies. Funny Girl IS my favorite movie of all time. I watch The Way We Were when I am sad, and at LEAST once a year. I have all of her books. I have ALL of her songs. At one point, that was all my itunes was, and I had OVER 1,000 SONGS OF JUST BARBRA. This is NOT an exaggeration. One day, I will write a post on why she rocks my socks and make the world go round, but for now, this tiny truth will do.

3. I get "Hair Envy" really easily. Right now, I really want Connie Britton's (From Nashville, American Horror Story & Friday Night Lights) hair. It used to be Megan Ward's hair (from General Hospital). I think changing your hair is super exciting! It's the one thing you can change about yourself in a few hours. Plus, I really think you can tell A LOT about a person by their hair. I love it, and right now, Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels is subject to my hair envy at the moment.

4. I love country music. I. Love. Country. Music. I know that kinda clashes with #2 on this list, but I love it. I was raised on it (that and 80's music repertoire is nuts ya'll) and it's just a part of me. But, Daniel hates it so I only get to listen to it when he's not home or in the car. But gosh: Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Brooks n Dunn, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Martina McBride, Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert--I like mainly old classic country. 90's country and younger. Love. Country. Music. Not even a tiny bit ashamed to admit it.

5. When I was pregnant, I craved Mac n Cheese like it was no one's business. So much so that my mother in law (who is the best)  bought me a huge box of it. But here's the secret...I only like the kind in the little bowls. You know? The ones that you tear the top off, put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, stir in the cheese and BAM--perfectly portioned mac n Cheese. It just tastes different than box Mac n I like the left over cheese powder. Because I am disgusting like that.


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  1. Too funny on the mac and cheese! I purposely don't put enough liquid in it so it's all powdery haha

  2. "Cause I'm disgusting like that" hahaha. Not gonna lie that is pretty gross! Also, you should probably only sell one of your kidneys...I'm just sayin ;)

  3. i love mac and cheese too!

  4. I love it!!! Mac N Cheese is my favorite. I love your answers thanks for participating!!!!

  5. Bahaha literally just laughed out loud! I love how raw and honest you are! Too funny!!!

  6. These are hilarious. I literally laughed out loud at your left over cheese powder comment. We all have our disgusting loves, right? I'm totally the same way as your #1. I have so much guilt when I feel like I have done something wrong. I just want to do good and have everyone love me 100% of the time, is that too much to ask?


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