Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Orange Dreamsicle/Creamsicle Cupcakes {Yum!}

Daniel and I don't have cable. We just don't watch enough t.v. to pay a cable bill. What we do watch, we watch on hulu for $7.99 a month. We share our hulu with his parents in exchange for sharing their Netflix. So it all works out nicely.

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The only time it doesn't? Conference times (Or Oscars...) We tried to stream it on Saturday--but our internet is HORRIFIC (and I pay $50 a month for it. NO CHOICE in the matter outside of no internet at all..uggh.) and kept stopping in the middle of talks and was just all around horrible.

Luckily we have a lovely family in our lives who are just amazing and when I asked if we could join them on Sunday, they didn't hesitate to say "yes!".

Because I don't believe in showing up anywhere without some kind of gift: I bought a watermelon and cut it up. Then I decided to make cupcakes, I was going to do red velvet--because my brother gave me an amazing recipe for them. (My brother is an amazing chef. Seriously.) But then I decided to try something completely different; something Jana would be proud of!

I went out and bought what I would put in an Orange Dreamsicle Cupcake recipe, then when I got home I googled one that was similar with what I bought already (just so I would have measurements--baking is an exact science that you can't really mess with too much.)

The recipe I found HERE was great! (She said she got the recipe from pinterest so I am counting this as a pinterest trial...) The only thing I didn't have was the cheesecake mix.


orange dreamsicle cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcake recipe, growing gracie,
Nooot the best frosting job. But to be fair--the "rejects" are the ones in this picture...


1 package white cake mix
1 (4 serving size) package cheesecake instant pudding mix
1 (3 oz.) package orange flavored Jello
1 1/4 cups orange juice
4 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
*1/4 teaspoon orange extract

*1 zest of 1 orange.
1 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
6 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon orange extract
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2-4 Tbsp heavy whipping cream
orange food coloring
*orange zest

*I added these things to the recipe :) 

Cake: Heat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and divide the mixture into your cupcake liners. Only fill them 2/3 full (or less!) or you will get weirdo looking cupcakes.
 Because this mixture is really gooey--I baked mine for about 22 -24 minutes. HER recipe said 18-20, but my first batch turned out a little too gooey for my tastes. The ones I baked for longer were still really moist but not as gooey. You decide. :) 
Let them cool before you frost! 
For the frosting: In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, butter, orange extract and vanilla. Gradually add powdered sugar, beating until smooth and creamy. Add the cream in small increments, until the frosting in the consistency you want. Add the zest at the end.To get swirled frosting, tint half of the frosting orange in a separate bowl. With your pipig bag tiled on its side, fill one side of the bag with the orange frosting, then tilt the bag the other way and fill the other side with the white frosting. It doesn't have to be perfect - it should still swirl once you start piping.
I didn't do the swirl thing she did. 
1) I don't have a piping bag. 
2) I was doing this around midnight, ain't no one got time for 'dat. 

Mine turned out okay, but definitely not as pretty, but I think that's because I did it with a ziplock bag and not a piping bag. Alas--it didn't effect the taste, but I will definitely be doing the swirl thing next time! (Provided I buy myself a piping bag!)  But I don't think they turned out too bad, considering I usually just paste on the frosting with a knife! 
I also cut up one slice of an orange into little triangles for garnish! SO cute and taking a bite of the orange before eating the cupcakes made the cupcakes that much more delicious and refreshing!
Orange dreamsicle cupcakes, cupcakes, recipe, growing gracie,

The couple we brought the cupcakes to, LOVED them. I loved them. Daniel even liked them! (He doesn't like cake or frosting.) I will DEFINITELY be making these again! Perhaps for Gracie's birthday party(ies)!! 
Try it out and let me know if you loved them as much as I did!



  1. Those look good! I made cupcakes this weekend too, but mine didn't turn out that good looking, haha.

  2. Woohoo! Those sound fabulous! Way to go lady. :) These will be the cupcakes I make next time I make cupakes. :)

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  4. Hi Tankia, Long time reader first time poster, ha just kidding, your recipe looks awesome! A thought for your lack of cable, my husband and I don't pay for cable either, I don't know where you guys are stationed/living etc but you should look into a digital antenna. If you're close to a big city you'll get local programming. We love ours! :)


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