Thursday, April 25, 2013

Which One Which One.

Gracie's birthday is coming up. I am starting to get everything together and right now I am trying to tackle what to get her.

I thought you momma's could help me out!

Her own chair. We tested this out at Target and she freakin loved it. But I don't want to get her a "boring" gift. 

Wigwam!  I think these things are so super cool, and I think she'd love it this year. I just think she will probably eat it. 

 She likes to feel like a "big" girl and every time we've been in the nursery--she goes right for the picnic stuff. I think it would be nice to get her one of her own! But I don't want to get her just a "small" gift. 

This is what Parents magazine named the best toy for 1 year olds. I can see why. Gracie would love the balls, but it doesn't look to sturdy and with her walking (and trying to run everywhere) I'm afraid she'd run into it.

Ball pit solves the problem of her running into plastic, and I think she'd have a lot of fun being surrounded by toy balls. Considering she loves them. I just worry about the sanitation of something like this. Especially if other kids come over to play. And it'd be easy for bugs to hide in. 

Gracie loves buttons. Gracie loves zippers. Gracie loves strings. This is quite possibly the perfect gift for Gracie. (They have it in a girl doll too) But it's the "small" gift thing again.

Grace loves to play in water and in the sand. This would be nice to let her just play with outside on a sunny day. And it would grow with her. We'd be able to use it for more than just her.
BUT the bug thing again...

So guys, any ideas? Help! 


  1. maybe the 2 small ones together? all of the gifts look fun! if you wanted to do the sand table, I'd go with a water table without sand. it's still fun but not as dirty!

  2. I'm not a mom but I have to say the sanitation issues with the ball pit and sand box are something worth considering. (I'm pretty sure Chuck E. Cheese never cleans their ball pit. Gag.)

  3. If you really love the ball pit, you can always just give the balls a good soak in some bleach water in the bathtub once a week or however often you want. Cuz girl, that looks like way too much fun!

  4. I like the wigwam....I would have loved one of those as a kid!!!!!! Hard choice though!

  5. I wouldn't go with the ball pit. They don't come with a lot of balls, you'll probably wind up purchasing more. In addition to the sanitation issues, if Gracie is anything like my two year old, the balls usually wind up all over the floor NOT in the ball pit! My cats wind up chasing them all over the house.

    I would go with a play kitchen personally. What kid doesn't love "cooking"? :-)

  6. I say a ball pit if you can find one you like. We used to have one and my neices and nephews LOVED IT, and it was big enough that we could climb in there with them. it had a like a mesh outside and the balls were easy enough to dump out that you could just throw them in the bathtub with some bleach.

  7. What's wrong with a small gift? If she loves the chair, then it wouldn't be a boring gift. Oh little mommy, she's not full of those ideas yet. :)

    She really wont care if the gift was big or small, exciting or boring. All she'll know, no matter which of these you choose, is that she loves it!

    I would actually wait another year on the wigwam, for sure. I would probably go with the chair or the baby. Maybe the picnic set.

    But no matter what you decide, she'll be happy. And that's what it's really all about. (Hokey Pokey!)


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