Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why it Pains Me to Look at Cute Shorts...or Shorts in General.

Okay, where are my Mormon girls at?!

You will know EXACTLY what I am talking about right now.

Sometimes, garments are the BAIN of my existence.

What are garments, you ask? Borrowing from here...

In our world of diverse religious observance, many people of faith wear special clothing as a reminder of sacred beliefs and commitments. This has been a common practice throughout history. Today, faithful adult members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wear temple garments. These garments are simple, white underclothing composed of two pieces: a top piece similar to a T-shirt and a bottom piece similar to shorts. Not unlike the Jewish tallit katan (prayer shawl), these garments are worn underneath regular clothes. Temple garments serve as a personal reminder of covenants made with God to lead good, honorable, Christlike lives.The wearing of temple garments is an outward expression of an inward commitment to follow the Savior.

OKAY--so basically we were a t-shirt and long shorts underneath all of our clothes. They aren't supposed to ever show.  

The shirt thing I have adjusted to just fine, I used to always wear undershirts for the most part anyway. I didn't have to get rid of a lot of shirts because I just went and bought what are called "modBod"s THE BEST SHIRTS EVER and wore them underneath everything.

Since I am Sadie, Sadie Married Lady, already--the "If you got it, flaunt it." rule doesn't apply anymore. So I am okay with not showing a lot of skin. Plus I am 98568345239857 pounds overweight, so I wouldn't be walking around in crop top anyway. you're welcome. 

BUT I won't B.S. you--when it's hot outside I want to friggin' DIE. I am about to hit up my first summer in my garments and I am a wimp when it comes to temperature changes...expect further complaining forthwith. 

All together though, the shirts don't bother me at all. 

The shorts seriously do. 

My garment shorts are REALLY long because I am short. Like... short. I know people keep telling me I am 5' 2", but I think they are all lying to me. I must be an elf. My garment shorts go PAST my knees. 

I HATE being in pants all the time. 

At one point in life, I had a good pair of legs. I danced 7 days a week, and sometimes 3-4 times in one day. I didn't have the most AMAZING body EVER (I have always struggled with my arms) but I wasn't too shabby either. 

Let's stroll down memory lane when I went to Mexico:

I miss the shorts I used to wear that are now in a goodwill somewhere. I see these cute springy/summery posts and I am just like...I WANT GINGAM SHORTS. I WANT CORAL SHORTS. OMG THOSE SHORTS ARE SOOOO CUTE. I WANT THEEEMMM.

But alas, because I would like Eternal Salvation, I can't wear them. 


dresses are also a problem because ALL dresses ALMOST EVERYWHERE are just a SMIDGEN too short. 

I can't wear ANY kind of capri's because my legs are short and so any kind of capri goes to about an inch above my ankle. 

There is a VERY GOOD chance that we will be stationed in Hawaii once Daniel finishes training. CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING IN HAWAII FOR AT LEAST THREE YEARS AND NEVER WEARING SHORTS?!

I feel like I am loosing about of that sexy fire-y-ness that I used to have. Showing some skin, but still keeping it modest--does good things for my self esteem. 

I am not talking anything scandalous here--I am not a Kardashian. 

But I am talking shorts above the knee. When I feel finally lose all of this weight, I want to be able to slap on some shorts and be like: YAH. I GOT MY LEGS BACK. WHAT UP. 

At the very least, in the summer, I'd like to be able to have some relief. 

So my Mormon ladies, how do you deal with shorts envy or dealing with the heat? 



  1. Garments were sometimes hard living in freaking hottest of all hots, Cambodia, but I'd been wearing them for 2 years already so it wasn't unbareable. My tips: try different garment bottoms. My favorite at the carinessa spandexy ones, but they do go long, try the petite kind? And the silky ones and the cotton bottoms are both shorter than the carinessa ones. I wear those with dresses and shorts that come to my knee, because the spandexy ones are too long for that and always show. I have short legs to, so the petite kinds are always better. Maybe buy capris, and hem them up higher? A lot of times capris are too long on me too. Or, I had my mother in law cut off a pair of jeans that were about 1000 miles too long on me into the perfect length of shorts, because they were measured just for me.

  2. Make sure you are buying garments bottoms in short. I always wear the carinessa, I love them ! I am tall, but also do not like where capris usually hit me, so I hem them up to just covering my knees so they are like a long short. As far as skirts being too short, I do two different things. I buy Capri length leggings to wear under the, or I add a trim to the bottom. Basically it helps if you know how to sew. As far as the heat, that's hard. Some people swear by the mesh bottoms, but I think they itch. My first summer in garments I was in st. George. I thought I was going to die. I prayed a lot, it helps to remember why you are doing it in the first place. Eventually you get used to it. Unfortunately it just takes some time to adjust.

  3. I get short envy, and I don't even wear garments yet. NOT looking forward to it. (Is it bad that one of the only reasons I'm ok with a civil wedding is that I don't have to wear garments for a year?) Let me know when you figure this out! There has to be some way it works out!

  4. I totally know what you mean! I went hunting for some new spring dresses a few weeks ago and I found so many that I loved but of course they were all just a little bit too short. I love the meaning behind garments and undestand the importance of them, but holy crap, some days I feel like I'm wearing a freaking space suit!

  5. Are you buying the petite ones? The inseam is shorter. Also, when it's really hot outside I like wearing the cotton poly ones. They're the most breathable. That's the only way I survived my first summer with garments in Albuquerque where we were in the middle of an awful drought and it was 100 degrees outside.

  6. As a 5.3 little lady, I say you MUST go with the petites! And I ditto the first comment - wear different fabric comments for different things. For dresses and skirts, I always rock the silky ones!

  7. I have never heard of temple garmets...I am Catholic and we wear a miraculous medal of our Lady or a scapular...some of the secular coaches think they are our good luck charms! that are not...they are saramentals that help remind us of our beliefs.

  8. lol cute blog. I don't do hot climate very well either and I am a modest dresser, so hot climate means singlet and skirt or long shorts. I found you via Blog hop. Thanks for co-hosting

    Handmade at Warratahstree

  9. I am 5'3 and everything is really long on me too garment wise. Try different garment bottoms. I actually like one-peice garments for dresses. However, my suggestion for length on clothing would be to try out slip extenders. I wear them all of the time under dresses instead of a slip and it makes everything long enough.

  10. I've never been to Mexico. One of these days...

  11. So I don't wear garments, I am LDS, so I get it, but we weren't married in the temple or have been sealed yet. But I would like to think that you can get them in a shorter size... Something meant for shorter people and thus shorter legs?? Surely?? Hope you find something, cause life without at least a couple cute pairs of shorts would be much too hot for me! ;)

    Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  12. Gah! I totally feel your pain! I'll echo others and say get the petite ones if you haven't already. My beef is with the tops. I'm not exactly "well endowed"... I always feel like I'm drowning and trying to smooth out all the extra fabric. It's always super loose around all my necklines. It drives me nuts. I wish they came in bust and hip size variations, but that WOULD make buying them way more complicated so I get why they don't. Also, for dresses that are too short, try these or really any dresses on their site. I just buy bermuda shorts from Ross or the like. They're not exactly "super fashionable", but it works.

  13. You are looking so ho in these shorts and i just love the sense of styling.

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