Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 Things Every Mother Must Have

A picture from Gracie's birthday shoot. Isn't she cute? cheesin' it. :) 

That is a pretty bold statement, so just know that I mean business by saying it. I was thinking the other day of the things I use on a daily basis; things I would totally be up a creek without.

With that lovely euphemism, here is what I deem the 5 must haves of motherhood...so far.

    Hyland's Teething Tablets. 
They were included in the My Favorite Things post, but I would only have two hairs left on my already frizzy hair without them.

Gracie is a pretty fierce teether. She has been teething since around 3 months old. She likes the plastic teethers-but mainly just to play with. She was miserable and I didn't like the idea of giving her tylenol or giving her regular teething ointment. (Something about giving my baby anything that is a local anesthetic freaks me out...) Luckily I was introduced to these and I LOVE them. Easily dissolve.  NO numbing. NO drugs. ALL natural. Work like a charm.

Baby Vaseline

Gracie's nails have always been SUPER long. So long that when she was born it looked like she had a french manicure. Seriously, all the nurses commented on them. She also has been scratching up her face since the day she was born. (Which is why we had to wait THREE WEEKS to get her NEWBORNS done. Oi.)

ANYWAY--to this day, I put vaseline on her scratches and she heals within hours and for really deep scratches, she heals within a day or two. It has been such a help, and it doesn't break her skin out either. I don't know if this is a well-known fact and I am just now getting in-the-know--but basically: Vaseline makes your baby a miniature Wolverine.

It's also super useful when her skin dries out on her knees from crawling around. :)

  Boogie Wipes
As Gracie gets more exposed to other children and other places, she gets a little sick more often than her just staying home with us. I suppose this is a good thing?

Anyway, when she gets sick or has a runny nose I always make sure I have these on hand. They are super soft and gentle so your baby does have a raw nose by the end of the day. The saline breaks up the snot so you aren't rubbing their face raw trying to get boogies off. They also smell good (They come in different scents. I use natural.) so that your babys' face doesn't smell weird from wiping it all day.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste 

This is the stuff that I use when Gracie has had a really bad diaper rash out of nowhere. It's only happened twice, but it wasn't pretty and Grace was miserable. (I use Desitin on normal little rashes and it works fine. But Boudreaux's works faster on bigger rashes. Boudreaux's works on smaller rashes too, but I don't see the difference between Desitin and Boudreaux's on the small ones, only big rashes.) Desitin just wasn't cutting it. 

My sister used Boudreaux's on my nephew who always got baaad rashes. It worked like a charm and saved his hiney. She reminded me that I had been gifted Boudreaux's at my baby shower and to try it. Wouldn't ya know it? Severe improvement within hours. Good stuff. Gracie was relieved. From then on, it is always in the diaper bag and in her room.

                                                                      Binky Wipes
Like most babies, Gracie drops things and throws things. Some of those things are binky's and bottles. I obviously can't give them back to her once they have been on the floor--especially if I am not around a sink to wash them off. These wipes are non-toxic, easy to use and they are CHEAP. They even make some that have actual fruit in them so if your child gets into them when you aren't looking and chews on them like Gracie does, it will at least be healthy. They clean the binky/bottle and back into your babies mouths they go. Saved my life once or twice before in church and the supermarket. 

What are your mommy must-haves?


  1. I should try those Boogie Wipes. Joshua gets a runny nose when he teethes and he hates it when I wipe his nose.

    My must have right now is The Little Green Pouch. Joshua is super independent and screams at me if I try to feed him, so these have been a lifesaver. I just put his baby food in it, stick him in his highchair with a bib and let him feed himself. He's much happier that way and I can do other things. :) Win, win!

  2. I second Hyland's and the butt paste!


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