Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Friiiday, Friiiday, Gotta Get Down on Friiiidaaay.

Wow. I am ashamed of myself that I just posted a reference to Rebecca Black.

Forgive me.

This has been a crazy week. Gracie cut a new tooth, so she now has four on top, two on the bottom. It was a hard week for her. I am pretty sure she hated me on Tuesday. Tuesday was not a good day. But, we had some good times during the week too.  All together, I am looking forward to this week being over.

  1. Gracie was so peaceful the other morning. Just talking to herself, reading her books and playing with her stuffies. 
  2. She fell and whacked her head on the side of her dresser this past weekend. We had to take her to the hospital and check her for a concussion. I cried. Twice. I felt like the WORST mother in the world. 
  3. At a play date with a friend from our ward, Gracie discovered her amazing musical ability. It sounded sorta like "PLUNK PLUNK PLUNK". A prodigy, obviously. 
  4. We survived another week of Nursery. This week was a lot easier as the class was half the normal size. I am getting more confident as time goes on. 
  5. This beautiful, beautiful palet was part of my birthday gift from my Momma. It was a rather big highlight of my week. I've wanted it since it came out, but at $50 a pop, I just can't justify spending that kind of money. Aren't birthdays grand?

Today we are heading out to take Gracie's birthday pictures.

Birthdays are stressful things. 

NOTHING was coming together how I'd hoped.

I was up all night getting everything ready. Including making her smash cake. Freaking pinterest making things sound WAY easier than they actually are and now Grace is not having smash pictures and just doing birthday pictures.(I am not meant to frost things that are supposed to be ombre ended in tears and a delirious break on that fiasco later.)

This has truly been a "Thank the Good Lord it's Friday" post.



  1. I can't believe you went there. Now I have rebecca black stuck in my head! I'm glad that gracie didn't have a concuscion, it doesn't make you the worst mother, it's just part of being a kid.

  2. You should check out It makes me feel so much better about my attempts at being crafty! :-)

    And, Happy Birthday Gracie!

  3. First of all so glad Gracie is okay, hoe you know you are NOT the worst mother AT ALL!!!! LOVE the naked palette!!! Can't wait to read about the ombre rose disaster! I'm sure no matter what Gracie's pics came out INCREDIBLE!

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