Wednesday, May 29, 2013


At 1:42 in the morning on May 28th 2012, in Payson Utah, Grace Elizabeth Rice entered my life.

I think everyone has a defining moment in their lives and her birth was mine. I loved that tiny little human with all my soul from the second my eyes saw her and my love for her has been growing more and more each day. Sometimes, I look at her and I can't quite grasp how much I love her, it's too much for my body to hold.

Now that she is one, I remember her when she was a baby and the drastic differences (obviously) between then and now. Then she really liked snuggles and wanted all the kisses in the world. Now she's so independent and rarely wants to snuggle because she's such a busy body. My dependent mini-me has turned into an independent Miss. Grace. I don't know when that happened...

Yesterday was SUCH a great day! 

I snuck into her room at 12:42 our time which made it 1:42 Utah time, and I sang quietly Happy Birthday, regaled her with the story of her birth, rubbed her back and went the heck back to sleep. 

We started the day at her doctors appt.  I am delaying her shots for a bit, just because it's her first live vaccine and if she has a reaction to it, it would be bad since I will be traveling with her. So, it was just a well child visit. And who wants shots on their friggin birthday?!

She loves that monkey, it was a birthday present from our neighbors :)

She weighs 19 pounds 7 ounces, and she is 30 inches long. She was in the 75% for her height but in the 45% for her weight. I asked about her weight because this girl eats like food is going out of style. She eats ALL THE TIME. She should be a chunky monkey.

Dr. said that she will probably just be petite and skinny. She more than likely has Daniel's genes on that one. The women on his mom's side are super thin and can eat what they want and not gain a POUND. ugh I want these genes. I am glad that Gracie apparently has them. Life is so much easier when you don't have to worry about your weight. Note: I wouldn't care if she wasn't thin, but I want her to be healthy and that means emotionally too. And people are jerks, high school is a jungle. I want her to survive.

The doctor also said she is very smart and she is advanced for her age. The way she responds to certain things, especially people, is that of a much older baby. I thought that was so cool because Gracie is such a people person! She has has great muscle definition, apparently. Which we already kind knew because she has calve muscles made of steel. 

All in all, a great appointment for a healthy baby! 

After her dad got home from work, she got her very own wagon from us! 

(We debated back and forth between a wagon and a chair. We decided that since she can now climb on to the couch, that a chair would just be useless and she'd grow out of it, or hurt herself on it. A wagon we can use for all of our kids and it's something Gracie would really enjoy. Especially since we go on walks and go to the park a lot.) 

She's just so stinkin' happy! She got a birthday sticker from my doctor that was a PAIN to get off. 

We went to the farmers market too, (That was mainly for me because I wanted a Naan wrap.) everyone commented on how cute her wagon was and how cute she was. Baby girl got a LOT of attention yesterday and she soaked it up. Gracie loves attention.

But by the time we got home, she was done. She had a long day of doctor appointments and being in the car. She was so so so done.

Then, Daniel tried to take off her sticker all willy-nilly and it obviously hurt Gracie a bit or ticked her off. Probably both. Either way she was screaming like a banshee.

So when we did the whole-cake-thing, she was already ticked off. Not a good pre-amble.

My humble cake. Nothing too fancy, but the frosting was a pretty shade of pink. 

We had all of our family on Skype or Facetime so that they could sing "Happy Birthday" with us and watch the cake smash. I think her being tired, the sticker incident, and being a bit overwhelmed by all the people on the monitor made it not a good experience for her.

Somehow this ended up on the table? I don't know. We thought that make it more fun for her. 

But I think the real reason she hated the cake smash was because she HATES being dirty, sticky, messy. She really hates when all three of those are combined. Sticky is her least favorite. So, being covered in sticky, messy and dirty frosting didn't make for a good time. Daniel kept trying to get her to get excited about it, but she wasn't having it. He even put her beloved binky in the cake to get her to get into it. That's when I pulled the plug, took mercy on her, and gave her a bath. WHERE she immediately started laughing and smiling. What can I say, my girl likes to be clean.

Most of this mess was us trying to get her to get into it. She kinda just ate it with a spoon and touched it with one finger. 

We opened a present from her "Papa Jim" (my father), his wife Amy, and her uncles James, Hunter & Rob. First, they got her a card with a mirror in it. She would have been happy with that. Then she got five outfits and get this: something from Tiffany & Co. I nearly crapped myself with I saw that Tiffany Blue box. They got her her very own porcelain china set. It's apparently a tradition in Amy's
that on your first birthday you get something from Tiffany's.

I can't wait for Saturday, which is her birthday party. I think it's going to be great. But, the SURPRISE is out....It was supposed to be a surprise, anyway.

A few months ago, my mother in law called and asked if I'd be willing to fly out to suprise my father in law for his birthday and then we could throw a joint birthday party (mainly a Gracie party) for them the following Saturday. I HATE flying, but I agreed because 1) I wanted to see my family and my new baby born niece THAT I HAVEN'T GOT TO SEE YET. and 2) I thought it was such a sweet idea. So cute. I wanted that surprise for my father in law because he loves Gracie a ton.

So we were all hush hush about EVERYTHING. I didn't even talk about it on my blog--that I am fairly confident he DOES NOT READ.

But, my mother in law apparently left her email open, where he saw the ticket confirmation AND HAS KNOWN SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING.


But it will still be awesome. Which reminds me, I have a zillion things to do before I go.

Back to Gracie.

Simply put, I love her. She's my buddy, my best friend, the coolest kid I know. I am so grateful that I get the chance to be her mom.


  1. So sweet!! She's beautiful :)
    I wasn't too into my first birthday cake either... You've got a classy young lady on your hands ;)

  2. She is just darling! I LOVE the second picture. I just took Adelyn to her 7 month well check and girlfriend weighed in at 19 pounds exactly - I had a good laugh that your little Gracie weighs the same at a year old. I guess we like em chunky haha.

    Have fun on your trip and Happy Birthday to sweet Grace!

  3. She is so adorable and it sounds like her birthday was fun! I love that little wagon :) And I think the cake thing is funny. My husband is the same way, and I hope my kids don't get that from him, he hates being wet, he hates sticky, he hates touching anything that is any of those. Having a new puppy has been interesting because that puppy LOVES to give my husband wet kisses on his face!


  4. Oh no! I can't believe he knew the whole time! So much for keeping it on the dl lol

  5. That's too funny he knew the entire time! At least he could keep a secret ha!

    Happy Birthday Gracie!

  6. Is it silly that I was really excited for this birthday recap post? Like, I have been looking forward to it for weeks. :) I'm so glad she had such a good birthday--even if the cake thing wasn't her favorite. I think Joshua will be all over that when the time comes. Lol. I'm so excited to see you and Gracie this weekend! Sorry that the surprise got ruined!


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