Monday, May 20, 2013

Pet Peeves

WARNING: This post is filled with sarcasm and irony. If these things amuse you--please continue on.
Thanks to Ali Brosh for the drawing that perfectly illustrates my feelings.

We all have pet peeves, right? Well, here are mine and I have a feeling you will identify with at least one of them.

It seems like every time I am at the grocery store as I head to check out--there is always SOMEONE with a bajillion items checking out at the 20 or less registers...

It really bugs me. I would say this is my #1 pet peeve.

Perhaps, I have 30 things in my cart--slightly more than 20 and all 30 things are loofa's; SOMETHING VERY EASY TO RING UP. 
But, because I have 30 loofas--and not 20--I do NOT go into the 20 things or less line.



I feel like this concept is not hard to grasp.

It especially bothers me when I am BEHIND these people who are, unfortunately, not educated in the ways of counting. (This has to be the only reason.) There I am, with a Sprite and a Kit Kat bar--just waiting to check out behind your mountain of groceries. 

No. No worries bro, I'll just wait. 

Pet Peeve #2: A lot is TWO words, people. TWO. WORDS.

I try really hard to not be too bad of a grammar/ spelling freak. I can't spell worth a lick, and without spell check I would be doomed. I also have a tendency to comma splice the crap out of everything. Whoops! So it would kind of be hypocritical to jump on everyone's butt all the time. 

But gosh dang it! A lot is not one word. It is two.

Two words. 


#3: All Chip Bags

I loathe when I open up a chip bag and there are about two handfuls of chips but the dang bag is GINORMOUS. 

There should be a line on the chip bag that says "Actual chips start here." 

It's just so misleading and I get really upset when I pay 3$+ for two handfuls of chips. 

What are your pet peeves? 


  1. Well, unless it's "alot" as in "We should alot each person five dollars for dinner".. ;) But yes, most people can't get it straight.

  2. The people who can't count... They drive me nuts!

  3. A lot haha. I am the same way... I see it and cringe. I usually keep my mouth closed though. I'm getting pretty good at doing that ;)

  4. Completely agree on the chip bag!! It's the most irriatating thing ever!!

  5. Oh man, I love that post about the alot monster she sees when people make a lot one word. I hate that some chip bags are hard to open, and tear down the whole side when you open them so they go all stale real fast because you can't keep them air tight when the top and the entire side is open.


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