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Whatcha McCall It? {A Guest-Post}

Hey guys! So awhile ago, I participated in an ad-space giveaway. McCall won a month of my Barbra Streisand ad space :) I decided that when you buy the Barbra Streisand ad space--that means I give you a lot of my time and my blog time. SO, along with social media lovin, a guest post is in order! 

She's a super crafty and creative girl and you have to check out her blog design. It's awesome.  I asked McCall to talk about our faith, what it was like being the bishops daughter, and common misconceptions about being a Mormon. Take it away! 

My name is McCall. I’m over at Whatcha-McCall–it & Snapshots.
I’m here guest-posting on behalf of the love for our LDS religion and my adventure of being a Bishop’s daughter for 6 years. I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am so blessed to have been raised and brought up in such a wonderful time knowing all the truths I know.

A little bit about myself….
I am a creativity loving girl with a husband and dog to share my life adventures with.

I am 5’7’’, blue eyes, auburn hair, and as far as I know I haven’t seen any horns yet. Let’s hope they don’t show up ;) I am a wife, to my sweet husband. …and I am his only wife. We were high school sweethearts. He went on his mission in Guatemala for 2 years, came back, we got married, moved to Washington.  We both grew up in Utah, where the Church is everywhere to be found, which is fantastic, but sometimes a little too sheltered.  Since we've been out of Utah we've seen all sorts of amazing Christian and religious people, some of our faith and some of others, all amazing people!  We currently serve as ward missionaries spreading the gospel one handshake and friendship at a time.
Growing up as a Bishop’s daughter was an adventure, dad was put in when I was 15 and stayed till I was 21 (so now- he was released a few months ago). I remember being so excited for my dad, he was set apart and we had a nice get together with family for dinner. It was a very exciting day. My dad looked a little stressed, but I had fun. Ha.

I enjoyed 6 years of watching dad’s hair quickly go from gray to almost completely white.
I enjoyed 6 years of a very wise man giving me council in his wise Bishop ways.
I enjoyed 6 years of dad getting a break in between meetings and taking his spare time to visit with his daughter. I didn't even have to make an appointment ;)
I enjoyed 6 years of going to youth conferences and being able to hang out with my dad, hiking mount Timpanogas and walking the plains on Trek.
I enjoyed 6 years of being the poster child of the ward. Not always a bad thing, but definitely put some new pressures on, especially in the Young Women’s as a Beehive, Mermaid, and Floral. (As my husband names them)
I enjoyed 6 years of phone neglect. I didn't answer the phone, because I knew it’d be for dad. I would just run it to him as it rang. I was so excited when dad got an Iphone. Ha.
I enjoyed inviting everyone and their dog to our wedding. Not complaining. It was awesome to see so many people come to support not only me, but my parents. Seriously just from inviting ward members and stake folk added an extra 300 invites. Ha.
So I’m that kid.
Bishop’s daughter, always in presidencies, Seminary Council, Camp director, etc. but let me clarify… I am not perfect. People see all these wonderful callings as such great blessings, well of course they are, but they don’t come without work, even a little trial. While it was absolutely fantastic to see all the blessings flow into our lives as my dad served our ward diligently, it wasn't always easy.
Living the gospel isn't easy…. If it were everyone would do it.
I love my religion and the peace and comfort it brings to my life. It isn't always easy. I’m not as perfect as many think I am. Well, I’m not perfect at all. That’s why we’re here, that’s what we’re striving for. I encourage all those who read this to take time to visit to answer any misconceptions or questions you've been curious about.  Also...Mormon’s like to share, and talk, a lot. So ask a neighbor, ask a friend, talk to the missionaries, they can help!
To answer a few misconceptions…. We can dance if we want to.  We can drink Coke We can use electronic devices. We can eat apples. Baptisms for the dead don't involve corpses. Men no longer have multiple wives. We don't have horns.

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I hope you guys got as much entertainment out of this as I did!

Thanks McCall!

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