Thursday, June 13, 2013

May Ipsy Bag

Each order comes in these "Glam Bags". Different designs each time!
How fun! I could use the
extra storage! 

After my continued disappointment with BirchBox, a friend recommended Ipsy to me. Even from looking at the site I could tell I was going to like it. I hoped I would anyway. I was a little nervous because I really thought I would like BirchBox, too. I waited anxiously to see what would be in My Glam Bag. 

I will tell you this: I was pleased. Not ecstatic. But pleased.

How fun is the pink shiny mailing bag it comes in!!??

  1. Mirabella Lipstick
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
  3. Yaby concealer 
  4. Pacifica Perfume Roll-On Tahitian Gardenia 
  5. Zoya Nail-Polish

1. Mirabella Lipstick
I love the sleek design, but no so much the color. 
I loved how smooth the lipstick is, it goes on great and it stays for a decent amount of time. But I think I'd have to keep reapplying it through out the day. It's definitely not a long-wear kind of lipstick. However, I didn't like the color they sent me. It's too dark for my personal taste. My teeth aren't white enough for me to be comfortable with a dark color. I usually wear nudes or light pinks when I wear lipstick.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Clear Brow Gel
I LOVE this product! It also comes in a cool and sleek tube. 
I love all Anastasia products. They really are the best for brows, in my opinion. I was so excited to get the gel, it was my favorite product in my bag. I am in the process of growing my brows out to fix/accentuate my arch, and the gel comes in handy for keeping my brows where I want them for the day. I would recommend this product to anyone.

3. Yaby concealer 
As you can see, I have been using it. Ignore my dry hands. 
This is a hyper-pigmented concealer--you don't need to use a lot. But it's also harder to use/spread/blend. I have to use this concealer first before I use anything else or it doesn't blend properly. Though, that could be due to the fact it's a wee bit light for me. So I use it as a highlighter instead. It works great!

4. Pacifica Roll-On Perfume Tahitian Gardenia
 I threw this away almost instantly. Which is why there is no accompanying picture...I hated the scent. Ick!!! I usually love the smell of gardenias but this perfume made my stomach turn. However, I like the roll on ability. It gives a good amount of scent without being crazy over-powering. If I liked the scent, I am sure this would be a staple for what's in my purse.

5. ZOYA nail polish 
pretty shimmery pink pastel 
The colors that were sent out were all pastels, and I got this pretty pink color. It was right before I went to Utah for Gracie's party--which was pink themed--so it was perfect but a little blah for me. I will still use it though, but maybe not on it's own. However, I had to do a LOT of coats because it's very thin and shear. Maybe that's just how the pastels are? I don't know. I know that Zoya is a favorite of Ipsy's to send to customers so perhaps I will get a different color and get different results. It did stay on for a long time though before I switched it for a different color.

Over all, I really liked this Ipsy bag. My June one is in the mail as I type this.

(Sorry this is so late. May was a crazy month for me, and I got the bag late.) 

I am excited to see what my next bag holds!!

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  1. I got my birchbox yesterady and I loved it. They sent really good stuff this time. I'm glad that you liked your ipsy bag! Maybe you need one of those websites that lets you pick what goes in your bag from a big list. I've heard Zoya nail polish is really good. I got color club nail polish in my birchbox that I'm excited to try.


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