Monday, June 17, 2013

Something Blue VoxBox

I was SO incredibly excited when I got this VoxBox. Mainly because in my two or three months of being with influenster, I hadn't qualified for one yet! Huzzah!

This box was wedding themed, thus the Something Blue...

Inside were things that would help you along with your wedding. I'm already married but I can see how all of the products would really be a bonus on your wedding day.

Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste: $7.99

I actually am trying to whiten my teeth. I didn't really care about my teeth when I got my braces off soooo that is definitely reflected. I really want to go get them bleached, but that's $304 dollars. (Yes, 304. Exactly. Weird quote, right?) $7.99 is a lot cheaper. This is supposed to instantly whiten your teeth and the effect is supposed to last for hours. From what I understand, it won't whiten your teeth forever, but just for a few hours. I think. So, I guess if I was going somewhere awesome, I would want whiter teeth to wear red lipstick, right? Perfect for a wedding or special occasion.


It doesn't work.

I was going to take a before and after--but honestly--there was no difference so I didn't see the point. Talk about a let down.

Q-TIPS Precision Tips $2.59-$3.35

I LOVE these q-tips. They are perfect for fixing eye liner, and especially helpful in making the perfect cat-eye. I use them mainly for eye makeup, but I know others use it for fixing lipstick/gloss & eyebrows as well.

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions $6.99

I will be honest, I didn't use these this time. But I can advocate for them because I used them a lot in theatre. When you are in heels for a long time, it makes the burden a lot easier on your feet. So, for a bride who has to be on her feet for 12+ hours, I am pretty sure these babies would help you out.

Urgent RX Fast Powders $1.39

These aren't for me. I have an issue taking any kind of medicine that I can taste. I have never been able to have chewable medicine or liquid because they make me puke. These definitely aren't for me, haha. But I can see how that would be advantageous to a bride who has the stress of pulling off the perfect wedding and or nursing a hangover (if you are drinking at your wedding...).

Kiss everEZlashes $4.98 for a duo pack

I LOVE eyelashes. I LOVE THEM. Before I got pregnant, I wore lashes ALL the time. My lashes are so small and pitiful. Well, not really. But they aren't va-va-voom. I like va-va-voom. But when I got pregnant--psssh ain't no body got time for 'dat. Since then I just can't justify it, especially since I put make-up on 3 out of the 7 days of the week.

Influenster sent me two packs of different thickness. I love the thick ones, but they are too fancy for my every day life. Maybe when Daniel and I go on a date, our dating/I met you anniversary is coming up-I will use them then.

For this I used the lighter lashes that looked va-va-voom but not as dramatic.

These lashes are easy to put on, and come with a nifty applictor that actually WORKS. It made it super easy to apply them. However, I don't like the eyelash glue. It comes off easy enough but I don't know. I can feel it the entire time I am wearing it. Does that make sense? But over all, successful lashes.

Basically I freaking loved everything in this box.

I received all of these products from Influenster for free in exchange for an honest review/opinion. But that doesn't mean that the above statements aren't true. I wouldn't say it was awesome if I didn't think it was. 


  1. The lashes look good on you!!! I think I need to try those ball of the foot things. I need something that I can wear in my shoes that relieves the pressure when I'm on them at the salon all day on Saturdays.


  2. I bought that toothpaste and I surprisingly love the flavor and it does whiten my teeth pretty good. I do feel like it doesn't have very lasting effects, but before a date or work or something I like to use it!

  3. How do you qualify for the VoxBoxes? Their site is confusing!

  4. See I thought that the whitening toothpaste made a difference! Try using it a couple more times, this is the only one I found to actually work even though its slowly noticeable!!!

  5. Oh cool, its cool to see what everyone gets in their different themed boxes. I love foot inserts. I wear ones that hold my arch a lot. I need to be more active on Influenster so I can keep getting voxboxes.


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