Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Girl Gracie

We got back from a week long vacation in Utah. Post on that later...

Does it make me more or less morbid that the fact that it made me feel better that if our plane went down, at least Daniel would die with me? Still trying to decide on that one...
Don't let this picture fool you, I was terrified. 

Gracie had a blast and was, of course, spoiled out of her mind.

But surprisingly, she came home and it was like we never left. She has been a total sweetheart. Going to sleep as she should, and not throwing too many fits; I mean, no more than normal.

She's just getting so big.

She wants so desperately to talk; I can see the frustration that she can't. But her baby blabber is the funniest, cutest, most endearing thing on this whole earth. Her "yakub" is the cutest thing ever. I wonder what she is trying to say?

She completely clings to the words she can say: baby, book, duck, chip, momma, daddy, gramma, grampa, sit & thank you (which sounds like tan-tu and she only does it for daddy). Tonight at dinner she looked at Daniel, pointed, and with a big ol' grin exclaimed "DAD-DY".  Melt my heart.

She has also started this growling thing. It's HYSTERICAL. She does it purely because it's funny. She will growl and then laugh her toosh off. It's so funny what babies think is amusing.

9 times of 10, when I am cleaning or something and it gets quiet--she is sitting down reading. I love how much she loves books. She loves to flip the pages until the very end, then she shuts the book with excitement, smiles, looks around and claps. Then starts it again.

Wake up in the morning--READ. That's one of her fav books--my mom got it for her from Hawaii. 

She is seriously such a smart little girl. She can do puzzles, color, eat with a spoon (sort of, that's a work in progress)
Daddy doodled too. 

She plays "please and thank you" where Daniel will take a toy and say "Does the baby want it?" And Grace will take it from him and Daniel will say "You're Welcome!" then he will ask "Can Daddy have it?" and she will hand it to him and he will say "Thank you!" (Thus why she only tells Daniel thank you.) That will continue on for a bit till she wants to read. She thinks please & thank you is so dang funny.

She can shape sort--we went to a children's museum the other day and she separated the play onions and the play carrots, then she mixed them and sorted again.

The start of her sorting. 

She will take food out of her food cupboard and hide them all over the house. I have found them in Daniel's shoes, under our bed, in our laundry basket, in her laundry basket, in her toy box, in the couch cushions, under her high chair, in her shape sorting box, and in our dvd cupboards.

If you take something and hide it, she knows exactly what you've done with it, and goes to get it.

She knows the remotes work the tv, and which buttons pause/start things. She sits and start-stops our tv almost every time it's on.

She gives the best smiles in the world. She scrunches up her nose and radiates happiness. It's a smile to melt your heart.

She friggin' LOVES pillows. She will just sit and lay on one. She will play on them. Sometimes she throws her binky on them, and as it bounces off, she will grab the pillow and toss it a bit. She thinks that is so funny.

She sleeps with a blanket now. I have let my paranoia ease a bit to allow it. Let me tell you, she sleeps a lot better now.

She loves this purple monkey our friends got her for her birthday. She carries it around most places, and it's kinda her security blanket when she's scared. (She held on to that thing for dear life when the fireworks started.) 

She is VERY in to being a "big girl" these days. She just likes to climb on the couch and will just sit there. Happy as a clam to be up there.

She loves being on the couch like a big girl. 

She likes to feed her self and will get super cranky when I try to help it along. She tries to buckle herself in her carseat.  She can drink out of a big girl cup and not get it everywhere.

Yeah, she's drinking out of a play tea-cup set. But whatever works, right?

 She brushes her own teeth and hair. I help a little. She likes to help put her clothes on, especially shirts. She tries to put her own shoes on and let me tell you, that's adorable.

And when she's only in a shirt, and her pants are near her, or really any article of her clothing, she will put it around her neck and hug it. The weirdest/cutest thing.

She is growing leaps and bounds every day and I am so impressed with this little girl.

She melts my heart every time she looks at me with those big blue eyes. She has these cherub cheeks that I could kiss off her face. She gives the BEST hugs in the WORLD and when she loves you a lot, she gives you kisses. She loves to love!

It happens every single day, but today as I looked at Gracie smiling her cheesy grin, offering me a soggy pretzel, I fell in love with my daughter all over again.

She really is the coolest kid on this planet.

How lucky am I that I get to have her forever?

She has to sleep with all four of her "stuffies", you can't see it, but her frog is in there somewhere.
P.S. I promise she is dressed with her hair done 90% of the time. :D 


  1. I love when moms do posts like this. I hope that you come back and read it when she's older. Those darn pig tails are just so stinking cute.

  2. Awesome post Tanika....total cuteness overload I think I'm going to burst with excitement all over again for Baby Girl! If she does even half the cute things that Gracie does I will be one happy Mama! XO


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