Thursday, August 22, 2013


The last few posts have been pretty rough stuff, so let's lighten it up!

I am secretly/not-so-secretly obsessed with this show:

Anyone else?

I have been debating why I like this show so much. Daniel hates it, I don't know if I necessarily LIKE it so much as I am ENTHRALLED by it. (Okay, I like it. Actually, I love it. But not the point right now.) 

Polygamists have always been weird to me. Not so much because of the multiple wives for the husband (though I think that's...different.) but more so for the Sister Wives part.

I am WAY too jealous to deal with that. I have horrid horrid jealousy problems and it's hard for me to imagine someone else NOT having the raging jealousy problem I have. I mean, he procreates with all four of them. That my brain, it's wired to think that's cheating and that my husband didn't think I was good enough on my own. So I know I would ever be okay with it.

I think that's why I find it so fascinating. I just have no foothold to understand it. It's like watching unicorns prance around in a field full of four leaf clovers while Harry Potter gives me a chocolate frog while talking to me about how he saw Wolverine the other day walking down Cherry Tree Lane.

It's truly unbelievable to me how well this family functions and how normal they all are. They have such a great family and I am in awe of it because it's not something I expect when I think of polygamists.

I think of the long dresses, french braids and to be frank, abuse. So it's nice to see a family that's just a family. They are normal people with normal people who live a different life than my own.

I think they are awesome and I am glad they came out of hiding because they have nothing to be ashamed of. I think it's GREAT how they are changing people's perceptions about polygamy. I know they changed mine. In the long run, this is their faith. They aren't harming anyone. What's the big whoo-ha?

See how happy they all are? Do they know that their husband made a baby with someone else besides them? HOW ARE THEY NOT FUMING? My peasant mind doesn't understand it. But I applaud these women who whole-heartedly live their faith.

I am pretty sure Janelle is my favorite Sister Wife. I think she is just so nice, and level headed and awesome. But then again, Meri seems like someone awesome I would want to be best friends with and Christine seems like so much fun and Robin is so understanding. So I mean, really, I can see why Kody wanted to marry them all.

They are all freaking awesome.

And I will continue to watch this show until my brains rot out.


  1. I LOVE this show!!!! After I watched all of the ones on Netflix, then the ones on Watch Series before they went away, I had to buy more episodes on Amazon to satisfy my craving. I've been resisting buying more, and now we have cable, so I watched it live on Sunday and was SO excited!!!! :) I feel the same way as you, I admire these women so much, and I am glad they've been able to shed a better light on polygamy that isn't Warren Jeffs type stuff. But I don't understand it. The first few episodes, I kept jumping between confusion and awe, and i still don't know how people do it, but I respect them so much. :) I love learning about other religions and understanding better why they believe what they do. Ok, the end.

  2. I love love this show!! I am not a jealous person at all so I could totally see how Polygamy would work if everyone involved is onboard.

  3. I'm sooooo jealous, I so wouldn't be able to do this! Which makes them awesome. I always wonder what happens if one wife puts Kody in the dog house, does he just go procreate with another wife for the night? Hahaha, I'm weird. . .

  4. I LOVE this show and people make fun of me for it. And your brooding posts have fit my crappy mood lately. Husband switched shifts so now I get HOME 4 hours before he wakes up from work? Glorious. And I found my husband is deploying...from another a date in relation to our baby that has people going "oh, honey." So yeah, sucky week. I need to watch more of this show. I'm in looove.

  5. I had no idea what show it was until you started talking about polygamy. I've never seen sister wives before. Did you know they're coming out with another one?


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