Thursday, September 12, 2013

Think Happy Thoughts

Gracie LOVES Tinkerbell. When we let her watch it, that's all she cares about in this world. She will seriously just sit and watch the whole movie. She laughs when it's funny and her eyes get all big when it's a serious part. So I mean it when I say she watches the movie. Thus why we don't let her watch it very often.

She will just SIT THERE and NOT MOVE and watch it. No joke. 

But she got shots of Friday, and her grandpa Jim sent her a big Tinkerbell doll and a little Tinkerbell costume.
Sorry about the quality, I took it late at night. 

So the next day, I got all her all dressed up in her Tinkerbell costume and put her hair in a little Tinkerbell bun (as much as I could anyway). She LOVED it. When it came time for my doctors appointment, she started screaming when I took her Tinkerbell shoes off, so she got to go to my appointment looking like a Fairy. She was very happy about that.

Hope these pictures brighten your day like they do mine :) I sure do love that crazy whack-a-doodle Tinkerbell obsessed kiddo of mine :) 

Gracie and Daddy at my Dr's appt. 

I sure do love her :)


  1. She's adorable and I want to steal her!
    Also, I LOVE the fairy movies and meeting them at Disneyland was a dream come true for me haha

  2. Look at that tiny little bun. I love her squinting up at the camera.


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