Friday, October 11, 2013

ABC's of Gracie

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs Glued To My Crafts and I immediately wanted to do it! I thought: how fun, and something I can print and keep in Gracie's baby book :)

A is for apple juice which I am pretty sure is your favorite drink in the world. Which is good because since you have some light issues with digestion, you've been on the juice since you were 5 months old.

B is for books. YOU LOVE BOOKS. You always prefer a book over a toy. You get story time every morning and every night, and whenever you pick up a book and bring it to us. A lot of times you will just plop open anything with words and you will stick your pointer finger at the page with such focus and you will "read" out loud. It's so freaking adorable and I hope your love of books stays with you always.

C is for change. You got a beautiful, big, personalized piggy bank when you were born and I wanted to use it to teach you hand-eye coordination. Boy has that worked. Every time we have change I will give it to you and without me saying ANYTHING you will run to your dresser where we keep your piggy bank and wait for me to take it down so you can put it in. If there is a lot of change, you will diligently put it all away and then try really hard to pick up the piggy bank, realize you can't, then go read a book.

D is for daddy. That is your favorite word in the world these days. What kills me, is that you know exactly what it means. You love your daddy a whole-awful-lot. Only he can make you laugh that hiccup-inducing-giggle. Only he can get you to eat chicken and only he can play peek-a-boo with you because mom doesn't 'peek' just right.

E is for eggs which you definitely do not like. No matter how hard I try or how many times I try, it's a no go. I have never seen a kid throw something as fast (and as far away!) as you throw eggs!

F is for frog. You have a fuzzy green frog that someone gave you at Christmas and since then, you love him so much. He's in a good portion of your pictures now. Only now, since it got washed with something looks like a roadkill frog....but you still love him just the same.

G is for Grace. Literally the only name your dad and I agreed on. And it's perfect for you. It describes what you brought into our lives and it encompasses every part of your little soul.

H is for hugs which you give the best ones. You've been giving hugs for a very long time and the doctor didn't believe us until you gave her one.

I is for intelligent. I know, I know. Every parent says that their kid is smart. But you really are. And since every doctor we have taken you to agrees with us, we tend to think we are right. That is so super cool for you, not so fun for us. You've figured out how to take the baby gate down, how to turn things on and off, and how to get us to do 99% of what you want.  

J is for Jesus. Now hear me out on this one...ever since you were born, whenever you would see a picture of Jesus, you would smile the BIGGEST smile and start talking to Him. Now as you are getting older, you will still walk toward his picture and still talk to him. It makes me think of how thin the veil really is for you, and how you know Him. Can't think about it without getting goosebumps. Such a blessing and I hope you always have a close relationship with our Savior. 

K is for kisses. You have given the best kisses since you were really tiny. You understood the concept fairly young (see "I"). We will say "Give _______ kisses" and you will give the sloppiest, or the cutest, or the most perfect kiss known to man. It's wonderful. 

L is for laugh. You laugh ALL the time. And it's so funny because it's the exact same laugh you had when you were 6 months old. Sometimes, if you laugh to hard you get the hiccups and then you laugh some more. 

M is for momma. Your first "word". You said momma first and that's all that matters. ;) 

N is for nap. You have ALWAYS been a good sleeper. We just got lucky that way. I think God knew that if you weren't a good sleeper, mommy & daddy would have died. So it's not a surprise that you go down for naps easily, too. Definitely a blessing. 

O is for opinionated. Whomever said that babies don't know what they want, never had a kid. You know what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Your food can't touch and you can't have more than a few pieces of a specific food on your tray at one time. Somedays you love certain foods, and the next you will hate them. You know what you want. This will serve you greatly in life, right now it's a pain in my tooshy.

P is for patience. It is no secret I don't have patience. I just wasn't born with it. But you have taught me that and you are honestly the only person I exercise my ability to have patience with. You definitely test it, and we are still growing together, but I am so glad that I have you to make me a better person and momma. 

Q is for quilt. Your Aunt Chanie made you a quilt for you when you were born and you LOVE that thing. It's your favorite blankie hands DOWN. 

R is for Rice. It's your last name and with that last name comes a TON of people who love you and cherish you. You not only get the Rice legacy, but the Collins legacy, the Schwartz legacy, the Reilly Legacy, and the Sampson legacy. It's daunting, but believe me, this mafia family will always be there for you, no matter what. Your last name comes with an expansion pack, free of charge. 

S is for singing. Singing is one of your favorite things and I love to hear it. But you mostly like when other people sing. You are fascinated by music and respond the strongest to it. You will calm down and fall asleep when Momma sings "You are My Sunshine" and when Daddy sings "Wake Up". I cherish these moments in the deepest parts of my heart. 

T is for Tinkerbell. In many ways I am so glad you have a TV show that you love. Because you actually WATCH it. You know where the funny parts are, and the scary parts. I love watching you react to what you see. But in other ways, it turns you into a baby zombie. But still, you love Tinkerbell. You love fairies, period. 

U is for unafraid. I have only really, truly, seriously, seen you scared. It was right after you fell down the stairs at grandma's. You will a little weary for a bit after that. But besides that, you face life fearlessly. You tried to run off concrete stairs the other day. You love adventure and you have no problem jumping on the couch or trying to climb over tall things. You try to climb your dresser and you slam doors with gusto. You are always curious about EVERYTHING and while it scares me a good portion of the time, I enjoy seeing you explore and discover the world. 

V is for vegetables. You love to eat vegetables. You don't care so much for sweet things so potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes are your go to "nom nom" foods. 

W is for water. You have loved water since you were born. Whenever you were cranky or mad all I would have to do is turn on a faucet and it would instantly calm you down. Now, you can't wait till bathtub so you can play with your duckies and splash. Pool time is a favorite and you are starting to put your face under all on your own. You'll be swimming in no-time, I know it. My little fishy. 

X is for xenodochial. You will go to ANYONE if they have something shiny on or seem nice. You just love people, you think they are interesting. You are a very curious kid. You haven't inherited your stranger-danger alarms yet, which is terribly concerning for mama. Which is why you are NEVER out of my site. 

Y is for "ya-cub". Who knows what you are trying to say, but you say this an awful lot with intensity. So I am sure it means something. 

Z is for zoo. Though we haven't been to the zoo yet, you still love any and all animals you come in contact with. Even bugs...gross. 

I love you baby girl, every tiny piece of you and who you are. 




  1. Wow. Wow wow wow. This is full of SO MUCH BEAUTY. And J for Jesus, holy cow that little bit completely takes my breath away and melts my heart. I love how you worded this: how thin the veil is for little ones; it's so insane and crazy and the most beautiful thing in the world. I feel like that's why Jesus came into the world as a baby - because they are so holy and so fresh from Heaven. It's the most beautiful thing. I can't believe how often Grace will just start talking to Jesus. So beautiful. xo

  2. This is SO cute and she will treasure it as she gets older. You have the cutest baby ever!

  3. This is wonderful! I've been away from blogs for a while, including my own, but I'm glad I saw this. And I'm glad to be part of the family expansion pack!!!!

  4. You should do one of these like every six months and see what the changes are. How fun to post this, it really shows her personality


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